The easiest way to convert mp4 to wav format in 2020

convert mp4 to wav

We download videos from the internet, mainly in the form of mp4, which might consume lots of space in a device. Also, we might want to listen to the songs; hence there is no need for visuals. That is why we need to convert downloaded mp4 videos to a suitable file format that saves disk space and helps us to listen to the songs simultaneously. One such file format is wav. To convert mp4 videos to wav, we can use online video converter tools or video converter software. However, using online tools has some restrictions on the maximum file size. Also, they do not support all types of video formats for input for conversion to the desired format. Wondershare UniConverter software is the best way to convert mp4 to wav instantly, according to Omni video. Let us see the basic features of this software.

  • Compatible with both Mac & Windows operating systems: – Many software tools are made only for Windows platforms, but this software is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating systems. Users can download the software separately from its official website.
  • Faster than any other online tools:- Since Wondershare UniConverter uses an optimized programming line of codes that makes the video compression 30 times faster than any other online tools.
  • No limitation to file size: – Wondershare UniConverter software has no limitation to file size. Also, it supports more than 1000+ file formats that can be used for video conversion.
  • Multiple file conversion: – If you want to compress the mp4 videos files in bulk, you can use Wondershare UniConverter software.
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Steps to convert mp4 to wav with Wondershare UniConverter

Steps to convert mp4 to wav with Wondershare UniConverter

  • Download and install Wondershare UniConverter software from the official website.
  • Launch the Wondershare UniConverter application by double-clicking the icon.

Steps to convert mp4 to wav with Wondershare

  • Then click on add files icon. Drag and drop the file that needs to be converted.

WAV as output format

  • Choose WAV as output format from the audio tab.
  • Click create a custom button that opens a pop up change the parameter encoder, channel, sample rate, and bit rate and hit create.
  • Select the location to save the output video.
  • Finally, click converts all to start the conversion of MP4 video file to WAV file format.

To get the best output quality, one must only download the software from the trusted and authentic source. If the video file that needs to be converted is less than 200-300 MB, one can use online video converter tools. Many websites allow users to upload the video directly from the drive and convert it into the desired format. However, if the file size exceeds 500 MB, it is advisable to use Wondershare software for converting mp4 to wav. Changing the file format can decrease the quality of sound and picture; hence one must be careful while changing the video format.

The software is available for both windows and Mac Operating system and can be downloaded separately from its official website.


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