The New AMD EPYC Rome sets up New Performance Record: Details inside


Earlier this week, AMD declared its performance-focused on EPYC Rome 7H12, which is practically an EPYC 7742 with a much elevated all-core clock speed (which is made feasible due to the increased power consumption).

AMD has declared that the EPYC 7H12 along with the Atos’s water-cooled BullSequana supercomputer, and almost instantly Atos started setting the additional EPYC performance records.

As per Atos and AMD, BullSequana set four modern records in the SPEC CPU 2017 benchmark suite, all of which were once held by AMD’s EPYC 7742.

The New AMD EPYC Rome sets up New Performance Record: Details inside
The New AMD EPYC Rome sets up New Performance Record: Details inside

Thanks to its elevated clock speeds, the 7H12 packs about 11 percent more TFLOPs of achievement than the 7742, though that only correlated to a few percentage points of the additional performance in the SPEC benchmarks. Nonetheless, the 7H12 could easily be as greatly as 11 percent faster in other benchmarks or types of workloads.

The new contracts add to the EPYC Rome’s already-interesting list of 100+ performance records. Atos acclaims the 7H12’s power efficiency, but the 7H12 is not exactly focused on power efficiency. For 11 percent more achievement than 7742, the 7H12’s 280W TDP is almost 25 percent higher.

That does not necessarily mean 25 percent more power absorption, as TDP is not a one-to-one mapping to power consumption, but it still exemplifies a significant bump. The 7H12 is not inefficient, though, it is just not as productive as a slightly slower CPU. In either scenario, sometimes it is surely worth it to sacrifice some efficiency for performance in the elevated performance computing (HPC) workloads.

AMD alleges that the 7H12 also gives a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) relative to the performance it transmits. We do not know to price for the 7H12, but it is obviously higher than in 7742. Taking into account the 7H12 is also less efficient and the fact that it is still strong is somewhat impressive.

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