The Residents season 3 episode 9 : Spoilers

The Residents season 3 episode 9 : Spoilers
The Residents season 3 episode 9 : Spoilers

Viewers it is important to share with you that this is not going to be an end. Yes, season 3 episode 9 titled as ” out for blood” is exactly featured so as to carry the story forward for next episodes or beyond.

I’m very sure you are excited to know what exactly is going to happen in the next episode. 

In this episode, you will see doctor Conrad taking a malpractice suit. You will see the patients that he is practicing are not so bad and difficult. Although ahead you will see another character i.e. doctor Matt Czuchry is facing another issue from the past.

One of Cornard’s patients files a lawsuit against a malpractice suit by him. And this put him in an odd along with  Bell with Red rock. Devon finds out that VIP patient is suffering from life-threatening brain disease then he along with the doctors abide to perform the surgery because the surgery was risky and can put them in danger.

The Residents season 3 episode 9 : Spoilers
The Residents season 3 episode 9: Spoilers

Meanwhile, another dangerous case was discovered. Mina finds that guest from Erinn Westbrook, Akadu is also suffering from severe heat condition that puts her and the baby at risk.  Another big news will be Kyle and the patient’s forming new relationships. The patients are all-new from the episode ” Out for blood”.

You must be surprised at the things that the season uses Kyles for most of the time. Isn’t it surprising to see Kyle’s thing almost in all seasons?  The Residents has not only doctor’s but it ensures us that it is more than patient thing each week. It is about doctors and nurse’s families at the individual. It shows all odd and even of them. How they encounter their internal issues. But apart from all this, we are eager to see how Kyle informs Nic’s story over the coming weeks.

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THE RESIDENT streaming Tuesday, Dec. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (RES-308) (TV-14 D, L, V)


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