“The Walking Dead” Season 10: When it’s going to Release and who’s in the Cast?


The Walking Dead franchise is proving as difficult to kill as one of its signature zombies.

Not only is Fear the Walking Dead continuing into the sixth season, but with a second spin-off fronted by a younger cast of characters also in the works, but the flagship is still going strong and is approaching a decade on-screen.

But what can we expect from The Walking Dead season 10? Here’s everything we know so far.

When does The Walking Dead return in 2019?

The Walking Dead season ten will premiere on Monday 7th October on FOX in the UK, kicking off with an opener written by showrunner Angela Kang and directed by executive producer/effects guru Greg Nicotero.

“The Walking Dead” Season 10: When it's going to  Release and who's in the Cast?
“The Walking Dead” Season 10: When it’s going to Release and who’s in the Cast?

That’s just one day after it airs in the US on AMC, with viewers Stateside getting to watch the first episode on Sunday, 6th October at 9/8c.

Does The Walking Dead season 10 have a trailer?

The first one dropped in July and it’s a doozy, as our survivors’ war against the Whisperers – led by Samantha Morton’s terrifying Alpha – steps up a level.

They’ll need to use every tool at their disposal to win this fight, and, like it or not, that might mean recruiting former foe Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to fight. And in a stylish new promo released in August, our heroes look set to ‘silence’ the Whisperers for good.

What will happen next? 

This season will adapt material from issue #145 onward of the original Walking Dead comic book series, which recently came to an end after almost sixteen years.

Set several months after a number of the survivors were massacred during the community’s fair, the new episodes will see the various communities unite to end the common threat posed by Alpha and the Whisperers.

It will also mark the final appearance in the series for Danai Gurira, who has played Michonne since the third season.


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