TheWiSpy Review: Best Employee Monitoring App of 2021


Being an employer, have you ever thought about monitoring your workforce?

At the present time of the global pandemic, businesses are facing many difficulties managing their employees. With staff working from home, it is pretty challenging for enterprises to keep tabs on the productivity of remote working employees.

During the ongoing lockdown, businesses are trying different ways to implement employee surveillance for remote staff.

Many organizations are using employee monitoring apps to track the digital activities of their staff members in real-time.

After testing many employee monitoring software, today, we have come up with the best employee tracking app, TheWiSpy.

Best Way to Monitor Employees: – TheWiSpy App:

The world of employee monitoring has various apps to help you track the productivity of your staff members. Software like Time Doctor and Hubstaff only records the desktop activities of employees. Using a desktop monitor, you can’t actually estimate the time your staff members waste on their mobile devices.

Do you want to know more about this fantastic app?

Continue reading and find more about this high-end employee surveillance solution.

TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring App – An Eagle’s View:

TheWiSpy is an excellent employee monitoring app for monitoring employees’ phone activities remotely. The app works beyond the time-tracking functionality as it provides comprehensive details on work phone activities.

From text chats to call history, employers can now track everything happening on company-owned devices.

To help you understand TWS working in a better way, we have split this section into the following points.


TheWiSpy can monitor all Android-powered work devices, including smartphones and tablets. The Android operating system has a more significant share among smart devices. TheWiSpy manufacturers focused on providing tracking solutions specifically for Android devices with OS 4 or higher. TheWiSpy can help businesses monitor popular Android-supported cellular devices, such as; Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Oppo, and others.


TheWiSpy is an app that functions in incognito mode. It follows a simple working principle, stealth monitoring. It means that TheWiSpy app can record the digital details in the background of the targeted phone and tablet. This hidden employee tracking app integrates with the operating system of the device you want to monitor and imitates all the ongoing information. Then, the TWS employee monitoring app transfers all the recorded information to an online dashboard using which you can watch plus monitor everything.


TheWiSpy installation is convenient. Anyone can install the TWS app like a pro. For TWS installation, you need one-time physical access to the device that requires monitoring. TWS installation process won’t take more than 5 minutes.


Currently, TheWiSpy offers one license for an individual device. It means if you want to track multiple work phones, you’ll require a license for each specific device. TheWiSpy pricing plans are flexible and affordable in contrast to other monitoring software.

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You can get three different subscription plans to choose from.

  • Starter Package – Starts from $9.99
  • Basic Package – Starts from $19.99
  • Premium Package – Starts from $29.99

Businesses who want bulk subscriptions can contact TWS support to get tailored pricing on corporate solutions.

Extreme Employee Monitoring Features:

TheWiSpy is definitely the best tool to monitor remote working employees and increase the productivity and efficiency of your employee But, how?

Well, you can’t tell precisely if your employee is working on his assigned tasks or busy homeschooling his kids. Perhaps your employee is out with a friend during his working hours. Such uncertainties can be eliminated by monitoring the mobile space of employees remotely. TheWiSpy goes overboard to record the cell phone activities of work phones in real-time.

Here are the powerful employee monitoring features of the TheWiSpy app that can help you explore the online as well as offline mobile activities of your staff members.

Call History Tracking:

Call records can tell much about a person. Employers can monitor the call history of the company-owned devices to make sure if the target employee is working or busy chatting on long calls. TWS call history tracking delivers details on call durations, timestamps, dates, and contact information.

Call Recording:

Do you know that a single telephonic conversation between your employee and rival is enough to shatter your business? Call recording is necessary, especially on work phones. With the call recording feature of the TWS app, employers can tape phone calls (dialled or received) and listen to the recorded calls remotely.

SMS Monitoring:

Work phones text messages related to the business, of course! Because for personal chats, your employee already has a personal cell phone. It is essential to keep tabs on the text messages sent or received by your work phones. TWS tracks text messages and allows you to read all the text conversation remotely.

Screen Recording:

You must have heard about the desktop screen monitoring apps. But have you ever tried an app that can record screen activities of mobile phones and tablets? TheWiSpy is capable of recording the mobile/tablet screens so that the management can track the cyber activities of work phones remotely. From social media to WhatsApp windows, you can monitor everything.

TheWiSpy GPS Location Tracking:

It is one of the remarkable features of the TWS employee monitoring app. Employers must track the whereabouts of their employees to ensure they are at the office or home in case of remote shifts. It has been observed that employers put an online status on using workspace apps to trick the management. It is vital to track the employee GPS location. TWS app helps you to locate your employees using work phone GPS. It delivers location history details along with date and timestamps. You can also track live location using such a feature.

TheWiSpy App Monitoring:

The app monitoring feature enables employers to discover if their workers are doing assigned tasks or wasting time on YouTube, Facebook, or any other app. The app monitoring feature of TWS delivers complete app usage details. Employers can notice the frequently used apps and warn employees to reduce app consumption during working hours.

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Surround Recording:

Managing remote shifts is difficult for the management. TheWiSpy surround recording feature ultimately helps the employers to explore the surrounding environment of your working employee. Using such a feature, you can record the voices and noises surrounding your employees, making sure that they are working with complete concentration.

Other Employee Monitoring Features:

TheWiSpy is a feature enriched employee monitoring app that covers every aspect of remote employee surveillance. It offers other monitoring features like keystroke alerts, camera recording, photo capturing, Wi-Fi tracking, and other essential tools to track work phones completely.

TheWiSpy Customer Reviews:

Let’s have a look at the intriguing customer reviews of the TWS app;

Peter John: CEO of a digital marketing firm, stated, “The lockdown 2020 had challenged me and my team to maintain the regular workflow. With my employees working remote shifts we struggled enough to manage a remote working workforce. My business partner suggested that I must use TheWiSpy app. I must say that this was all I ever needed. I do control and manage the activities on my company-owned devices that make my staff more concentrated in their assigned tasks.”

Emilia Greene – A professional sales executive, said that “ TheWiSpy is a noteworthy employee monitor I used to manage my sales team. With its striking ability to track GPS location, I can now locate my sales crew remotely. I must admit that TWS has made my life much easier.”

Jessica Williams – An Entrepreneur, claimed that “ The way TWS app delivers mobile usage reporting is just amazing. I track my workers to make sure they are supplying my products to the right address. TWS has also helped me pick the best working employee.”

One thing that validates the functionality of employee monitoring software is positive customer reviews. TheWiSpy has several clients over the globe that are satisfied with the app functionality.

Employee Monitoring FAQs:

Can I Monitor My Employees Remotely?

Yes, you can monitor your employees using TheWiSpy app and track the cell phone and tablet activities remotely. You can monitor phone calls, SMS, media gallery of your company-owned devices using a reliable monitoring app like TheWiSpy.

How to Know If My Employees are Using Cell Phones During Shift?

You can discover if your employees are using cell phones during work shifts by tracking their mobile usage. Employee monitoring apps like TheWiSpy helps you know the overall mobile usage of your employees in real-time.

Can I Track My Employees’ Location?

Yes, you can track your employees’ whereabouts. For that, you need a secure and reliable employee tracking solution. Use TheWiSpy to trace your employee location in real-time.

Is It Allowed to Spy on Employees?

Employee monitoring is allowed if you mention it in the work contract or your employees have acknowledged such practice. If you spy on your employees without their consent, it can be considered an illegal act and cause you legal trouble.

Is TheWiSpy a Legal Employee Monitoring App?

TheWiSpy is a legal tool to track work phone activities. It records every work activity and allows management to view digital details remotely. TWS app does not encourage using the tool to breach someone’s privacy.

TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring Tool – Concluding Lines:

The internet world is filled with scams and fraudulent attempts. Businesses must step ahead to ensure the data safety of their companies. To target the root cause (employee-negligence), enterprises must track their workforce with reliable employee monitoring tool TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy app is an advanced staff surveillance solution that can record work phone activities in real-time. It provides GPS location, screen time, and other mobile usage details. And the best part, you can monitor your company-owned devices remotely.


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