Thunder Strike Killed 83 People in Indian State of Bihar

Bihar lightning

The Indian state of Bihar saw a devastating thunderstorm in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. There was severe loss of property, health injuries, and even deaths in the last two days. According to the report, the thunder strike and lightning killed 83 people in Bihar, more casualties to be reported yet.

The thunderstorm also hit Uttar Pradesh and there were fatalities too. Bihar’s twenty-three districts saw the devastation of this thunderstorm. There were deaths of 15 cattle in Khagaria district. Gopalganj has the most number of deaths with thirteen people, six deaths in Bhagalpur, eight deaths in Madhubani, and Nawada, six deaths in Siwan dying as per the report of Bihar Governments disaster management team.

Then in several districts, Bihar death tolls are disastrous. The numbers are the following :

  • West Champaran 2
  • Jehanabad 2
  • East Champaran 5
  • Banka 5
  • Aurangabad 3
  • Kisanganj 2
  • Jamui 2
  • Supaul 2
  • Kaimur 2
  • Saran 1
  • Madhepura 1
  • Sheora 1
  • Samastipur 1
  • Sitamarhi 1
  • Darbhanga 5
  • Khagaria 3.

Most of the casualties happened in the families of farmers. The farmers were from Barauli, Vijaypur, Kateya, Manjha, and Uchkagaon areas.  Gopalganj Sadar hospital was in absolute mess to treat the patients. Seven people are severely injured among all the patients admitted to the hospital.

Support from the authorities

PM Narendra Modi sent his condolences to the families who lost their family members due to this natural calamity. He gave the assurance that State authorities are at full force to rehabilitate and relief.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his tweet that he had received the catastrophic news of people dying due to thunderstorms in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Several districts of these two states had faced the disastrous storm and rains. Disaster management teams are working hard to do relief and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

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The reports are showing that over twenty people are now in hospitals with several injuries. There was also severe destruction of properties. Many people lost their homes.

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar requested the people to stay in safe shelters and be wide awake. He declared to give compensations to the families who faced casualties of their family members. They are going to get four lakh from the government.

Indian Home Minister tweeted expressing his concern saying that he was disheartened by the deaths in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. He assured that the rehabilitation process would reach as soon as possible. The Home Minister also prayed for sooner recoveries of injured people.

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of the Indian state of West Bengal expressed her concerns about this incident in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and sent her prayers to the families of victims.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in his tweet that he was stunned after hearing about the thunderstorm. He extended his prayers and condolences for the destruction, deaths due to this disastrous lightning and rains. Rahul Gandhi urged Congress party workers to extend their hands for the help of families who suffered and faced deaths, lost homes due to this incident.

Ongoing problem for Bihar

Climate report has informed that for the coming days thirty-eight districts of Bihar would face heavy rains with thunderstorms. The Bihar-Nepal border would be vulnerable to flooding as well.


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