Tigersfm Review — Should You Work with This Broker?


Tigersfm Review

FX markets have a tremendous daily trading volume reaching staggering numbers on a good day. For example, derivatives alone have a notional value of $585 trillion. The daily trading volume of futures alone reaches about $5 trillion. With such large amounts of money being moved regularly, it is hard to find a broker that will not lose its grip on the market situation and stay relevant for decades.

Tigersfm is one of such strong brands that persevered through many years and managed to retain a very large army of loyal customers.

Tigersfm safety and security

The company focuses on building a multifaceted infrastructure that ensures a high level of security and offers unmatched protection to its users. All communications between users and the company are encrypted. You don’t have to worry about being spied on when working with Tigersfm.

At the same time, the privacy policy states firmly that the company is committed to never sharing your personal information with third parties.

Tigersfm trading terminal

The trading terminal at Tigersfm is a versatile tool that allows you to quickly place orders, track prices, analyze price dynamics, and always keep your hand on the pulse of the market. The terminal has a very simple interface that does not overwhelm users with unnecessary information. However, you can always add graphical overlays and indicators. All in all, the terminal is very functional compared to many other platforms in the industry.

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The downside of their terminal is that it lacks some advanced indicators and loses efficiency and potential for market-leading solutions. For example, if you want to engage with the crypto market, you should use the HashRibbons indicator offered by selected exchanges and TradingView.

Tigersfm customer support

The support team has a large cohort of well-trained specialists who will try to solve any issue you have with the service or the mobile app. The support arrives quickly. It usually takes just a couple of minutes for an employee to answer your inquiry. On the other hand, the team can be overwhelmed on holidays and weekends.

Tigersfm education

Any contemporary brokerage service provider must offer education to, at least, some degree. Tigersfm has a good knowledge base with in-depth analytical pieces that explain how markets work, interesting tutorials quickly showing you how to set up your terminal, and much more. You can quickly get a grasp on fundamentals.

Note that we believe that all traders must focus on educating themselves. Use external sources of information and follow experts to learn more about how to invest.

Tigersfm mobile app

For billions of people around the globe, a situation when they cannot access their favorite services on their phones is a major inconvenience. Having a mobile app is crucial for any contemporary web-based company. Tigersfm developed a powerful application that allows you to manage your portfolio, place orders, deposit, and withdraw funds.

Tigersfm banking

You can top up your balance using a large variety of payment methods:

  • Use debit and credit cards to instantly add funds to your account and start trading right away. It is a good method for situations when you approach being margin called or need to enter the market as soon as possible.
  • Wire transfers have been the most popular and reliable way of depositing and withdrawing funds for over half a century. Note that withdrawing to your bank account is possible only if you have verified your account.
  • Cryptocurrencies and payment systems like PayPal or Payoneer can be very useful to some audiences. However, the availability of specific payment systems for crypto coins depends on where you currently reside since many countries have different laws regulating the financial domain.
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Tigersfm is a reliable company that has been around for a while. The selection of financial instruments and investment options is rich allowing any client to find something appropriate for their investment strategy.


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