Tips for Managing the Inventory of Your Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

The modern practices in dentistry have advanced over the years. It is growing rapidly and has a big impact on how dental professionals take care of their patients. Dentists have numerous responsibilities every day including managing their dental surgical instruments, supplies, health and wellness products, patient prescription and much more, in the inventory. Inventory logging can be tricky and requires constant product logging. Let us discuss certain tips on how to manage dental surgical instruments and others products:

To save time, you can also opt for an inventory software that keeps systematic tracks of products already present in it.

What does dental inventory management software do?

The inventory tracking system allows you to track all dental practice-related supplies. It is an intuitive way of tracking, giving more authority and a better vision of what requires in a practice. This is especially for those that run a dental office by themselves. This software helps in managing instruments and other supplies better and helps dentists focus on their patients more efficiently.

Here are some tips that would help you keep a tidier inventory of oral surgery instruments efficiently:

Determining the items that need controlling:

Analyze the products that need immediate attention or ones with a shorter span of life. Also, note the products that take a lot of shelf space as they serve like a backbone for your product log.

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Hazard identification 

Keeping an eye out for potential hazards that may go wrong in the inventory. For instance, if the instruments are kept in an unsafe environment, they are most likely to injure the non-technical staff or may get damaged. Therefore, observe the storage facility and make sure the instruments are handled with proper care.

Do not leave chemicals loose:

Chemicals and medicines used during dental procedures must be handled with caution. If they are not properly stored, chances are they might end up spilling or spoiling. Make a log of medicines and chemicals to reorder them later. 

Log the sterilization and cleaning of the surgical tools:

After sterilization, the tools come with a specific shelf life. At times the practitioners forget about the ‘best before’ date written on each sterilized batch which leads to complications and tool damage. Create a detailed log of the sterilized batches and continue handling the instruments with proper care. 

Purchase mindfully

Lack of record-keeping of instrument purchases can become a big mess, but can be solved by simply establishing an ordering process. Create a manual that demonstrates all of the items ordered. Keep a track of the order date and location. Do not forget to track supplier numbers, the order budget, and the payment schedules.

Routine inventory checkup:

To keep each and everything in place, we must do a routinely inventory checkup. By assigning a technician in charge of that inventory, they get to compare the number of supplies and their check their quality from the previous month. This ensures the inventory is maintained.

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Establish Supplier partnership 

A good consumer-supplier partnership is necessary for the longer term. Finding a trustworthy supplier and manufacturer that has high-end products is not easy to find. When it comes to high-quality dental surgical instruments, this is where GerDentUSA Inc. comes in. They have a wide range of products, making life easier for dental and oral healthcare professionals. From extraction forceps to dental elevators, you can find it all on their website.


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