Tips on how to invest in a durable vehicle


These days, motorists are changing their cars every two to three years. The reason is simple enough, two to three years is the average life of a new vehicle’s warranty. But instead of changing your car every two or three years, how about purchasing a vehicle with a proven track record in reliability? 

A vehicle that’s dependable and durable could save you a fortune in the long run. So, let’s take a look at some of the strongest cars on the road and find out what it takes to make an automobile invincible!

But before you rush off to your nearest showroom, you’re going to have to sit down and do some research. That’s right folks, the best way to invest in a durable vehicle is to start working those fingers. The fact you’re reading this means you’re already familiar with investigating online, and we’re here to help get you started. Tires are also something worth researching for example long lasting Nitto tires  pair perfectly with a durable vehicle. 

First things first, your budget will dictate many of the following options, for example, $8000 could get you behind the wheel of a Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC EX. The Jazz was ranked an impressive six out of a hundred for servicing costs in a Driver Power satisfaction survey by Auto Express. 

If you’re looking for something larger, and you have the budget, how about the Ford F-350 Super Duty. According to Gear Patrol, there is a 49.1% chance it’ll do an astonishing 250,000 miles.

But one vehicle manufacturer stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to durability. And that’s Japanese car giant, Toyota. In a 2022 survey conducted by Autopian, Toyota’s name came up in ten out of a list of the most reliable twenty cars. 

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Let’s take a look at the top three and their potential lifespan. All models are available new and second-hand.

Toyota Sequoia: You can do almost 300,000 miles in a Toyota Sequoia, that’s an awful amount of mileage for your wallet. Now bear in mind the average us driver racks up less than 13,500 per year.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser: If you want an example of just how rugged the Toyota Land Cruiser is, flick on the news. If there is conflict, one of these monsters will be in the thick of it! And that’s not just because it could last you 280,000 miles plus. Enough said, really.
  • Toyota Tundra: Chevrolet’s Suburban, according to Autopian, will clock up an extra 10,000 more miles than Toyota’s Tundra, which comes in at just over 256,000 miles. But isn’t that just splitting hairs?

By now you’ll have gathered that the vast majority of the most durable vehicles are SUV’s or trucks. These are machines that have been conceived and designed from the ground up for rough, rugged terrain. 

They have modified suspensions and chassis and tough, powerful engines that have been built to withstand extreme conditions. But in reality, the only real off-roading they do is a couple of wheels up on the kerb when it’s time to pick up the kids. 

The six-million-dollar question is do they save you money? The short answer is that SUVs and trucks are built to last, so you’ll be spending less time in the garage paying fees and more time in the driving seat. And you can save even more money by running them with budget, quality tires. By choosing the right tires you could save hundreds of bucks in just a few years. 

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So, there you have it, when it comes to durable vehicles Toyota has the edge as a brand, but you can find some great models in between too: the Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon and the Honda Ridgeline are all good for an average of 250,000 or more. But if you’re looking for something reliable that’s not an SUV or a truck, you’ll need to put in some extra hours. 

Stick at it though, technology is constantly improving, frankly, it’s anyone’s guess which one of today’s vehicles will become one of the next generation of tomorrows durable all-rounders.


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