Top 10 Games for Girls


Girls just want to have fun, too! That’s why there are so many fantastic games that revolve around fashion, princesses, and ponies. Whether you’d like to have Prince Charming come to save your Cinderella or explore a vast fictional fantasy world, the choice is limitless on Gametop and other free game download websites.

With so many options out there for girls who love PC games, you won’t have to settle for something that doesn’t speak to you personally. Whether you’re a massive fan of simulators or just enjoy puzzle platformers on occasion, here are the top 10 PC games for girls that will give you a healthy balance of cuteness and challenge with an emphasis on style and fun gameplay. Let’s get started!

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a well-known match 3 free offline game with a blend of mechanical tricks and colorful sugary candies. The game consists of more than 10,000 levels that give a fun experience to play. Players must match candies in each level and complete challenges before the time or move reaches zero.

Candy Crush is an exciting game to download for free for girls. All you have to do is check out a free games download website like Gametop. Once you’re set, you can log in with your Facebook account and play alone. There are a few special items to enjoy each hurdle; the reward is a dopamine-filled kick of sugar rush.

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen is a casual adventure indie game with an excellent blend of hidden object gameplay. The game’s alluring lore features a doomed Kingdom where the King must marry off his Princess to a powerful but evil stranger to save the day. Unfortunately, it was the end of misery for the Kingdom and the start of another for the Princess.

The game is set in a beautiful fantasy world with excellent and detailed graphics. Players must solve brainteasers and find hidden objects to unveil the mystery of the stranger and save the realm. You can get The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen and other games to download for free at Gameplay.

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Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness is a casual adventure game set in a fictional fantasy world of limitless possibilities. The game has intriguing lore, inspired by one of Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

In the game, a royal couple’s joy was cut short after an evil sorcerer took away their newborn. The heiress and the mother must be the hero, cover the mystery and reveal the evil sorcerer, then save the newborn Princess. Players will solve puzzles and uncover the dark, haunting past of the royal family.

Cinderella Phenomenon

Dicesuki’s Cinderella Phenomenon is unarguably one of the best sim games that project the life of Disney’s Cinderella in beautiful Princess Lucette. The game features a protagonist, the crown Princess Lucette, who lost her parents in the great war.

Consumed by rage, Lucette became bitter and soon fell victim to a powerful curse. You can download Cinderella Phenomenon and other free downloadable games online and break Lucette’s curse to regain all her riches.


Annabel is a simple 3D adventure game that explores the beauty of the old Egyptian empire. Set in a fictional 3D Ancient Egypt, Princess Annabel stumbled upon a curse from an evil priest planning to become the next Pharaoh by marrying her. Unfortunately, the rightful heir to the Egyptian throne fled from the tribulations.

You must find clues and solve puzzles to free Princess Annabel and reunite her with Prince Akhenaten. Players can also find hidden objects and all lands of ancient Egypt in the game.

The Trials of Olympus

At the beginning of time, the banished god Angelo must pass the trial and prove his uniqueness to regain his place in Ancient Greece. The Trials of Olympus is a match-three puzzle game with an alluring epic storyline based on mythological Greek gods.

In the game, the player must help Angelo scale through the 79-level trial and build an extraordinary palace for the Greek king, Olympus. All you have to do is visit Gametop and enjoy games download for free to win the quest and marry the Princess.

My Kingdom for the Princess 3

My Kingdom for the Princess 3 is the third part of Nevosoft’s award-winning adventure game. Inspired by sim games like Animal Crossing and Farmville, this fairytale blockbuster features action-packed sim gameplay.

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Its alluring lore is based on the lovely Princess Elizabeth, who wants to choose between three Princes to marry. However, the right man must prove their worth by building a sustainable Kingdom from limited resources. Players must might enemies and save the Kingdom from impending doom.

Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of Poisoned Dagger

Every girl’s dream is a knight in shining armor that tears down steel shields to save them from tribulations. So also is Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of Poisoned Dagger’s main gameplay.

The game is an exciting hidden objects game where players must travel to the Renaissance period to solve a crime and save the beautiful Princess Aurora. You must also investigate a plot against the royal family, especially the mystery of the poisoned dagger.

Aladin and the Enchanted Lamp

Set in Orient, this adventure game revolves around the life of a young orphan, Aladin. The poor young man only has a small house and his late father’s old ring to his name. Determined to create a name and wealth for himself, Aladin set out to steal while growing up. His deepest desire for money grew when he met the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

Fortunately, he met a strange dark wizard who was ready to grant his greatest desire for wealth. All you have to do is explore the fantasy world and survive well enough to complete Aladdin’s adventure. Download free games, including Aladin and the Enchanted Lamp, at free games download websites like Gametop.

The Princess Case

Another exhilarating puzzle game and a perfect fit for girls is The Princess Case: A Royal Scoop game. It features reporter Louis Wheeler and her quest to uncover a royal scandal.

In the game, you have to find clues and solve puzzles surrounding the disappearance of the Princess. Download the game for free and unleash your journalism skills to unravel the mystery before anyone else.


As you can see, PC games for girls can range from casual games to hardcore simulators. From casual match-three puzzlers to challenging adventure games, our top picks offer captivating gameplay experiences for everyone who loves puzzles and fun. 

You can get these games and many more free games to download on Gametop. Gametop provides a wide range of gaming genres with a new addition every day. All free games on Gametop are fully licensed and free from malware or spyware. What are you still waiting for? Download and enjoy!


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