Top Indian casino with roulette: play the coolest live game


Interesting virtual roulette is a good way to make money. Gamblers from India put this gambling entertainment in the category of most popular games.

Features of online roulette

Gamblers online play casino roulette game in paid and free modes. The operator offers two versions. The first refers to virtual emulators. These are applications where the user fights against the program.

The second type of gambling game is a live casino. The visitor is connected to a room with a real croupier and observes live spinning of the wheel.

Three working strategies for live roulette

Running roulette in an online casino follows the same rules as in a land-based establishment. The field, depending on the type of game, is divided into 37-38 segments. The user bets on a certain number, red/black or zero. If the chosen sector falls out, the client makes a profit, otherwise, the money is burned.

Features of modern roulette betting

The approach to roulette strategies depends on the player’s goals and the size of the pot. Some users opt for a cautious approach, betting on red/black, while others bet persistently on the same figure.

Roulette bets can be placed not only on a particular segment but also on columns of 3 digits, dozens, rows, or zeros. The Roulette wheel layout can be found on the right-hand side of the screen next to the main game board.

Popular betting tactics

Almost all mathematical models for calculating odds can be applied to this type of game. Guaranteed 100% win no strategy will not give. Experts extensively extol Martingale, Dalembert, or overtaking, but these tactics are risky.

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Strategies with the best chance of making a profit on a long distance:

  • Fixed percentage. The user bets a small portion of the pot (1-2%). The amount changes after losses/wins. This approach helps to stay afloat longer and reduces the risk of bankruptcy. The strategy is similar to the popular betting “flat”.
  • Va-bank. A high-risk strategy. Usually used for betting on red/black. The user makes a bet on a particular color for the entire available budget. The tactic is suitable for a one-time bet, but cannot be used in the long run. Especially risky players bet on a specific number, but in this case, the chance of winning is 1/37 and the risk of losing is huge.
  • A cautious strategy. The scheme is applicable if the first bet in the series was calculated by profit. In the next round, the user makes a bet on a part of the winnings just received. This approach will allow a small income in the long term.

When playing roulette, users are often under the impression that their odds of winning are the same as those of the casino. In reality, this is not the case. The balance is tainted by a sector zero (or 2 zeros in the US version) which, on a rollover, will be forfeited to the operator. Playing roulette for long periods is not recommended as it’s sure to waste your bankroll.


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