Top New Games On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC- Full list and Reviews


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Outer Woods:

Outer Wilds as a game is all about time loop. The sole route to feeling the full ride is to do the same limited chunk of time exploring, knowing that destiny has been fixed long before.

Void Bastards:

Void Bastards is an unusual (in a good way) take on the BioShock format, allowing players seek out dangerous environments (like the space stations) while going about a specific playstyle of stealth or taking control or all-out machine gun kill. But in essence, Void Bastards resembles more like a Douglas Adams novel.

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For not so unique gameplay, the biggest twist Void Bastards brings about is the fact that it’s randomized. There are so many variables that make the game so interesting.

Top New Games On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC- Full list and Reviews
Top New Games On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC- Full list and Reviews

SteamWorld’s Quest:

SteamWorld Quest
Indie outfit Image and Form has created a nice for themselves by developing a spirted steampunk world that goes beyond multiple genres. With SteamWorld Quest, the Swedish developer attempt at a new type of fantasy RPGs, a genre laden with tired cliches. Turns out, making a few changes here and there creates wonders for reinventing worn-out concepts like knights and mages.

But SteamWorld Quest’s biggest plus isn’t the aesthetics of attractive robots. As with other SteamWorld versions before it, Quest takes a core mechanic and transforms an elegant machine on top of it.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

There are a lot of people out there who dream about experiencing the ancient fantasies and for this crowd, Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the best games yet released. It’s tightly woven, intricate, and tough, yet it’s convincing in appearance.

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The Total War series’ biggest draw, huge real-time battles, are at their best here, creating the perfect balance between rock-paper-scissors units with heroic details, smart tactical variants, and unique RPG-like upgrade trees.

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