Typical Dutch food you must know

Typical Dutch food

When you have visited the Netherlands, you have Dutch Friends or you are familiar with the Dutch ‘culture’, you know how the Dutchies are a big fan of their typical Dutch foods and habits. There are some foods that are very distinctive and must be tasted. In fact, you will not find Dutch food anywhere else in the world. In fact, in many countries and in many places, it is not prepared or sold at all. Think about foods like ‘drop’ or maybe ‘stroopwafels’. These products are, unfortunately not soon to be found at the local corner shop. Luckily there is the Dutch Expat Shop. This web shop is like an actual (online) Dutch Supermarket. In this shop you can find all the Dutch and Belgium foods you like. Read a long if you want to find out about the three most common and popular and typical Dutch food and  snacks! 

We have already briefly touched on this, but ‘drop’, also known as liquorice, is the number one choice when it comes to ‘typical Dutch food’. It is a sweet that somewhat resembles the taste of sal ammoniac. There is sweet drop and salty drop, you can try both and see what you dig more! Unfortunately, it is difficult to explain the taste. Everyone who eats liquorice for the first time cannot pinpoint the taste, it is one of a kind. At the Dutch expat shop, there are many different types of Dutch liquorice for sale. Well-known brands such as Klene and Venco have a large selection of all kinds of flavors and you can buy it all at the Dutch Expat Shop. 


The breaded, deep-fried, filled snack is from another level. The ‘kroket’ is also known as the croquette in French and is extremely popular in the Netherlands. The Dutch ‘kroket’ is known for its crispy exterior and buttery soft interior. It is typical Dutch Food. The snack is often filled with meat and comes in various forms. The most common form is a cylinder-like shape. Due to the popularity of the snack, there is a wide range of different flavors and fillings. Besides the traditional meat croquette (perhaps you know the name ‘Van-Dobbe’), many cafeterias and restaurants now also come up with a Vega or Vegan variant. For example, there is the shrimp croquette, the mushroom croquette, or the goat cheese croquette. Whatever filling you prefer. A croquette is always a delicious hot snack! 

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In the Netherlands they have their own form of ‘sprinkles’. Instead of sprinkling them on cake or ice-cream, the Dutchies really enjoy to just put the sprinkles on their bread and eat them with lunch or at breakfast. No matter what age, Dutch people are a big fan of hagelslag (sprinkles) on bread. The sprinkles come in various flavors. The most common form of sprinkles is the one with chocolate. The chocolate sprinkles are white, milk or dark chocolate and is mostly combined with some butter underneath. However, a lot of people also combine there chocolate sprinkles with peanut butter or even jelly. Next to the well-known ‘chocolate hagelslag’ there is also something called ‘fruithagelslag’ (fruit-sprinkles). These sprinkles is mostly pure sugar with flavor but trust us; it’s soooo good. Last but not least there is also something called ‘muisjes’. This form of hagelslag is mostly used when there is a newborn. To celebrate the Dutch will use a Dutch beschuit (a biscuit in the form of a round toast that is baked twice), smear it with butter and put the anise seed (muisjes) in blue or pink and share it with the visitors. 

Curious about these Dutch snacks? 

Surprise yourself with the Dutch flavors and just order some random Dutch snacks at the Dutch Expat Shop. This (online) Dutch supermarket has over 27000 products that are typical Dutch or Belgique. They have worldwide delivery so wherever you are, you can order without hesitation. See for yourself! 



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