US Troops To Leave Afghanistan By September – What’s Next For Them? We Discuss Options For Returning Vets


The war in Afghanistan has been the longest in America’s history, but the end is now in sight after 20 years.

After President Joe Biden recently announced that American troops would leave Afghanistan by September 11th, returning veteran no doubt have many questions on their mind. Which actions should they contemplate as they return to civilian life? How much support is available?

If you are a returning veteran, or your partner is, we discuss all the options available to help ease the transition.

Family Readiness System

The Family Readiness System supports all military personnel and their families, regardless of whether they are on active duty or stationed elsewhere.

Because of the flexibility of these services, it is important for your military family to make the most of them. The Family Readiness System is comprised of many organizations for you to engage with, sometimes as part of the Department of the Defense. Others may operate as part of state, federal and local government branches. They foster a sense of community no matter where you are, so do your research to find the most convenient service for you.

You must take advantage of the important services the Family Readiness System provides. These may include:

  • Spouse education and careers services: Chat with the consultants to help you and your family turn over a new leaf and create new opportunities for September and beyond.
  • Relocation assistance: For a fresh start, refer to the guidance here on moving costs, housing options, and even community orientation.
  • Personal financial management: Equip yourself with skills in liquidizing debts, saving for retirement, and budgeting for a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Non-medical individual and family counseling: Address concerns related to general positive functioning and personal growth once you are back home.
  • Transition Assistance: Consult knowledgeable professionals that prepare service members for reentering civilian life with their families in tow.

There are many other services to consider, too, each as insightful as the ones above. Try to appreciate how dynamic each available support service is. There is an enormous level of depth with the help on offer here, so take full advantage of it all.

Veterans Affairs Benefits in Afghanistan

Refer to veterans affairs for a loan that will help you secure property.

You can find out more about VA loans by visiting the Hero Loan site. This allows your military family to purchase a primary residence or refinance an existing mortgage more affordably. Hero Loan is keen to give back to military personnel and their families, so be confident about trusting these services. Follow their steps, and you can be enjoying your new home in as little as two weeks.

Try to prequalify for the moves you make here. Supply data on your income, credit, and numerous other financial indicators to do so. After the lender has verified the information, you will be able to be preapproved, for which there is no additional charge. This will help you secure your new property cost-effectively and in a more fluid fashion. The next step is to put an offer down on a VA loan approved home, and your new life will soon begin shortly after.


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