Watch Her Song “The man” Taylor Swift Performance Live From Paris

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift who is an American singer was born on 13 December 1989. She is also a songwriter. She started her music journey at the age of 14. She is the youngest artist signed by the sony. And very next year, she signed her first record deal. Her famous albums are,” Our Song”, “Hot Country songs “,” Fearless”,” Love Story”, “You belong with me”.And coming to her Awards list, she won Grammy Award  .for best selling album she certified as diamond and stood ‘Album of the Year’ in 2009. Later, she became a music video director, actress and also a businesswoman.

Swift’s latest release ‘The Man’s Lives from Paris increases her name and fame. It is like a work of beauty. She played acoustic guitar for this song and the audience sang each word of the song. This incident happened during the concert of ‘City of Lover’  in French Capital. This gives a perfect full stop to all the criticizers. It gives her an amazing experience.

Taylor Swift

The full version of the video of ‘The Man’ is available on Youtube, It was actually recorded during the singer’s concert held the last September at Paris L’OlympiaBruno Coquatrix.

This song is added in the list of albums which consists of “We ARE Neer Ever Getting Back Together”,” Shake it off”, “Bad Blood” and now “The Man’.These are the most popular albums in her records. Last month Swift released her Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’ which premiered at Sundance. Wilson, whos has interviewed her in the studio for this documentary has expressed her views that the way she was managed her facial expressions, sense of humor is simply awesome. We both were alone in a room and she said that it was the first time I gave an interview in a studio like this. Wilson said that it gives him an amazing experience. Really Taylor is an all-rounder in one word.

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