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antlers release date

‘Antlers’ is one of the most-awaiting supernatural horror movies of 2020. Unfortunately, Antlers release date, formerly set as 17th April 2020, did not go as planned. Thus, if you are wondering if Antlers is out already, then stop the unwanted research. Why? Well! The Antlers release date has been postponed. 

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First, the forthcoming movie by Scott Cooper, Antlers, has set a higher benchmark for the viewers. The movie complimented with supernatural creators, horror themes, and brand-new characters has boosted the audience’s curiosity. Without a doubt, Keri Lynn Russell holds an amazing portrayal as the protagonist of the story. Additionally, Scott Haze and Jake T. Roberts will also make a world-class appearance. So, do you want more insights? Let’s take a glimpse: 

What is the new Antlers release date?

Although, the entire April of 2020 went on disappointing due to the CoronaVirus crisis and pause on the release of Antlers. But, to the reader’s surprise, Antlers new release date is not very far. That’s right. Antlers is coming out on 19th February 2021. Are you excited? Well! We all are. It is just a matter of four months and Antlers on Hulu Network online (most probably). 

Let’s check out the trailer for Antlers and all the hints that it has to offer: 

Who are all in the cast of Antlers (2020)? 

  • Keri Russell (Role:  Julia Meadows)
  • Katelyn Peterson (Role: Young Julia Meadows)
  • Jesse Plemons (Role: Paul Meadows)
  • Jeremy T. Thomas (Role: Lucas Weaver)
  • Graham Greene (Role: Warren Stokes)
  • Scott Haze (Role: Frank Weaver)
  • Rory Cochrane (Role: Dan Lecroy)
  • Amy Madigan (Role: Principal Booth)
  • Cody Davis (Role: Clint)
  • Furthermore, Sawyer Jones (Role: Aiden Weaver)
  • At last, Jake T. Roberts (Role: forensic officer)

What is the plot of the Antlers release?

Meanwhile, everyone is wondering what the movie will be all about! We have already grasped some high-end plot details for you. According to Wikipedia, Antlers follows the storyline of Lucas Weaver and Julia Meadows. Lucas is one of the students in Julia’s school/class where she teaches. Julia has unintentionally observed something strange about Lucas. Julia is concerned that Lucas has been keeping/hiding supernatural creatures in his house. She is worried that these creatures may harm him. 

Antlers release date 2020 2021
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On the other hand, small-town Oregon is surviving under the fear of a creature who has escaped its enclosure. The creature has a single mission: create a bloody havoc. Meanwhile, this mysterious creature has an unknown connection with Lucas. How will the town survive?

About the monster in Antlers

To the reader’s surprise, the mysterious monster creature glimpsed in Antlers’ official trailer is the wendigo. According to several American folktales, the wendigo is a type of monster that eats human flesh. As per the native American fictional history, humans transform into a demoniac after eating human flesh for the first time. Not only this but till today, this native American folklore based on wendigo is told to explain the possible consequences of cannibalism. However, there are no proofs of wendigo’s actual appearance in the universe. Thus, it could only be a myth. 

Anyway! Antlers is purely for the entertainment of audiences who love horror, drama, thriller, and mystery. 

Irony: Applied!

When it comes to “Antlers,” there’s much more to it. To the reader’s surprise, the term “Antlers” is used for animal extensions in the deer family. Hence, in the film “Antlers,” the creature wendigo also has the “antlers” on its head which is clear from the posture.

Epilogue for Antlers release date 2020

In conclusion, horror drama in bulk is coming soon, and we are too excited to let any small detail slip away. Hence, come back for many upcoming updates. Bookmark us today for notifications. 


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