What Is eCheck Payment Processing?


eCheck payment processing has been around for quite some time, but it’s only recently that more online businesses have started accepting them. The benefit of this type of payment is its ease and convenience for users. These are non-personal checks that allow users to make payments using a bank account or credit card. Keep reading to learn what an eCheck is and how this payment method works.

What Are eChecks?

An eCheck is defined as a form of payment that exists online and is processed similarly to a paper check used for offline payments between two parties. This means these electronic funds can be made using any type of account, such as a credit card, savings, or checking. When you receive an eCheck, it is your job to deposit the money into your bank account and move it along to where you need it to go.

How Does eCheck Work?

This is where the eCheck payment processing comes in. There are a few steps a payment goes through before it will be accepted. The following describes each step in detail.

Request Authorization

First, you must request authorization for this payment method from the user making it. You can do it with an online payment form, online cart form, etc.

Payment Set-Up

After the payment request has been approved, you will get an eCheck for the order amount. This is also where you set up your payment options and set them up for recurring payments.

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Finalize And Submit

Once the banking information is correctly entered into the payment software, the business clicks “Save” or “Submit” to start an ACH transaction.

Deposit Funds

After the user clicks “Submit,” the money is automatically withdrawn from the customer’s account and deposited into the merchant’s bank account. Once the ACH transaction is complete, funds should be deposited into your bank account. These should be deposited within 2-3 business days of the transaction.

Can I Use eChecks For Recurring Payments?

Yes, you can accept eCheck payments for recurring payments. Whether it’s business subscriptions or subscriptions to services, you’re able to set up a plan to automatically charge users’ bank accounts or credit cards regularly.

Most banks and payment vendors allow merchants to set up recurring payments using eChecks. This is great for businesses as they no longer have to collect money each and every month from customers manually, but it also gives customers a chance to manage their finances easily without falling behind on payments.

Another great option to accept payment for your business goals is to use a fintech company that provides merchants with beneficial payment processing solutions for no-fuss purchasing. 

Benefits Of Accepting eChecks

There are many benefits to accepting eCheck payments online listed below.


Payments are convenient for end users and merchants, which is one reason why this payment method has quickly become popular in recent years. Users can purchase items on their schedule and at their convenience. Merchants receive funds quickly once the eCheck has been approved by the bank, making it easy to store and access money quickly when needed.

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eChecks are one of the least expensive types of payments for small businesses, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular among them as a payment method. The fees associated with this type of payment are low, making them an attractive option for many business owners who want to keep expenses down on their websites.


Sustainable is the best word to describe an eCheck payment method. It is a green way of doing business and is also sustainable for the environment. There are no physical checks, paper waste, and wasted materials involved with paying or receiving eChecks, which is good for the environment.


Another great feature about eChecks is that it’s considered reversible. The bank can cancel transactions if the merchant doesn’t ship the product or if there are other issues regarding fraud or the like. If a customer tries to dispute a payment, the money is automatically returned to their bank account in most cases.

The Bottom Line

eCheck payment processing is a great way to accept payments online quickly and efficiently. You can set it up with your preferred bank or online payment service that offers this service. Accepting eChecks is a very easy and cost-effective way to collect payments from customers without making any compromises on quality or convenience

Overall, eChecks are a good addition to your list of payment options. They offer the convenience and security of paper checks, but they are processed electronically rather than with paper. Since these types of payments are becoming increasingly popular, you should consider accepting eChecks on your internet business.


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