What Is It Like to Live In Cyprus As A Foreigner

Cyprus As A Foreigner

Cyprus is a hot destination among tourists and retirees. Thousands of foreigners are planning to move to Cyprus due to its excellent climate, stunning beaches, and low crime rate. Hundreds and thousands of people are investing in Cyprus to get residency. And eventually, they want to settle down. Do you want to get a residency through investing in real estate? Click here to learn more regarding Cyprus residency through investment.                                                                                                                                                   Just like we are investing in the Mars environment and living conditions, it is human nature to investigate the place before moving there. If you want to learn about the living environment of Cyprus i.e. to live in Cyprus as a Foreigner, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about how it feels to live in Cyprus as an expat. Moreover, you can find out the pros and cons of Cypriot life.

Living in Cyprus

This island is an excellent place for retirees and families. Due to its attractive beaches, beautiful mountains, stunning valleys, the country attracts people from all over the planet. With olive groves, orange orchards, and dazzling vineyards, you have plenty of things to do in Cyprus.

Cyprus offers you a range of financial and lifestyle benefits. The country offers relaxed life and many outdoor living opportunities. As compared to the UK, taxes, and property prices are lower in Cyprus. More importantly, the cost of living is lower than in the UK.

When it comes to food, you will get veggies, fruits, fish, and a variety of seafood to enjoy all year. 

With an “enjoy the moment” attitude, the lifestyle is slow in Cyprus. The country features the warmest climate in Europe. You are highly likely to see the sun for at least 320 days of the year. The country ranks high in terms of healthy climate worldwide.

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Language is not a problem in Cyprus. Most of the locals can speak English while youngsters are completely fluent.

Low Crime Rate

While moving to a new location, the first thought that comes to your mind is safety. Is it safe to live in Cyprus? Yes, absolutely. The island is one of the safest places in Europe. Cyprus is a safe place for expats doe tho the welcoming nature of its residents.

When you compare the country with other European countries, it is far less violent. Yes, there are some unfortunate incidents of street crimes. But, overall, the island is a peaceful and safe space.

Travelling Facilities

South Cyprus has two international airports in Paphos and Larnaca. North Cyprus has one international airport, Ercan International Airport.

When it comes to South Cyprus, you can get flights to most countries on the planet. From luxury to budget airlines, you can get any ticket depending on your budget.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to North Cyprus. According to the international agreement, all planes must land in mainland Turkey before coming to North Cyprus.

Difference Between North and South Cyprus

North Cyprus is the popular name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) while South Cyprus is the Republic of Cyprus. There is a Green Line between two countries marked by the UN.

Both countries are stable and secure. Thankfully, both parts of the island invite foreigners with open hearts.

North Cyprus has a relatively lower living cost as compared to South Cyprus. If you are getting Cyprus residency to enjoy your retirement life, North Cyprus is the best option. According to Forbes, North Cyprus is the top place for best beachfront properties.

On the other hand, if you want to get a Cyprus residency to enhance your business, South Cyprus is the way to go. The country’s economy is more stable and offers better regulations for businesses.

Foreigners are allowed to buy properties in both countries. Buying a property will allow you to get Cyprus residency.

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Traveling between two countries is fairly simple. European citizens can cross the borders without any restrictions. If you have other citizenship, you may need permission, which is only a formality.

Cost of Living in South and North Cyprus

South Cyprus is cheaper than the UK. The country offers a similar cost of living as compared to European countries. If you choose to buy local production, shopping is cheaper than in other countries.

Once you settle down in the country, you will find out local restaurants and cafes are cheaper as well. South Cyprus is an officially recognized state and a member of the European Union. Due to double taxation treaties with most countries, the tax matters are straightforward in the Republic of Cyprus.

Healthcare in South Cyprus is free to users with few co-payments. Salaried persons contribute 2.65 percent of their income to the National Health Insurance System. However, self-employed people pay 4 percent of their income.

North Cyprus is the least expensive country along the Mediterranean coast. When you go out shopping, you will be surprised by the prices. If you choose to buy imported products, they cost a lot because they are subject to heavy taxes.

Depending on your income, you can have any level of lifestyle on the island. For instance, there are public bars, cinemas, clubs where you can enjoy on any budget. If you have a lot of money, you can even buy a personal gym or cinema in the house.

Due to moderate wages, the cost of living in Cyprus is within your reach. Healthcare in North Cyprus is not free. There are private and state-run hospitals. Depending on your convenience, you can get medical attention from any hospital while paying their charges.

Conclusion on Cyprus Residency As A Foreigner

Cyprus is a dream island for most people. Millions of people want to live their retirement life on the island. Thankfully, you can get a residency and fulfill your dream. Buying a property can get you Cyprus residency.

With the low cost of living and beautiful beaches, you will have a great time in Cyprus. Most importantly, the crime rate is extremely low allowing you to live without any fear.

And one final note, if you want to run your business in Cyprus, South Cyprus is the best destination. However, if you want to enjoy your retirement life on a minimum budget, North Cyprus is the way to go.


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