Which Beach Town Has the Best Nightlife?

Which Beach Town Has the Best Nightlife?

Whether you are planning for an exotic honeymoon or a fun summer with friends, knowing exactly where you are going to go and what you will experience is vital to the overall trip. After all, there is nothing worse than finding yourself in a new destination where there is little to do or see, especially if you are going to be there for a considerable amount of time. To help you avoid this, here is a list of some beach towns with the best nightlife that you should make an effort to visit on your next outing.

1. Venice Beach: Los Angeles, California

Although this popular tourist destination in Southern California has been featured in a variety of TV shows and music videos (just take a look at AMC’s Freakshow or Rejectz’s popular music video, “Cat Daddy,” to name a few), it is also an excellent spot to visit if you are trying to enjoy the nightlife that the Los Angeles region is famous for. Whether you are looking to walk around with a drink in hand and shop at many of the vendors that line the streets, visit clubs and bars like Danny’s and Canal club to dance the night away, or simply sit on the beach and sip one of your favorite cocktails, Venice houses everything that you could possibly want (even the weird and bizarre).

2. South Beach: Miami, Florida

If you happen to find yourself on the other side of the country, you should make it a point to anchor yourself in South Beach for a time to enjoy their vibrant nightlife. With some of the most popular spots in this beach town being places like Wet Willies, Fat Tuesday, and E11EVEN, you can find everything from high-class clubs that give you an inside look into just how luxurious parties can get to 24-hour spots that ensure the party never ends. If you are a true party animal who loves locations known for their excessive celebrations, you are sure to love South Beach.

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3. Cala Jondal: Ibiza, Spain

You don’t have to limit yourself to the beaches in the United States to have a good time. In fact, while there are many great beach towns littered across the coasts of the states, there are even more abroad. One of them lies in the most popular party destinations in the world: Ibiza. Cala Jondal is a beach in Ibiza, Spain where the party never stops. This beach town is known for being a little more on the high-end side compared to most beaches, but there are certain spots along the beach that will remind you that you are still in Ibiza. Even better, this beach is only 15 minutes away from the actual town of Ibiza, meaning that you can easily move the party inland if you find the need to do so. Overall, you can’t get much better than a fancy beach town in Ibiza!

The good news for beachgoers who are looking to travel and enjoy all that the world has to offer is that there is no shortage of beach towns known for their wild nightlife. If you expect that there will be more than a few beaches on your itinerary, consider some of the amazing locations listed above for your next trip. If you are looking for a more extensive list that will provide you with a host of great ideas both in the United States and beyond, turn to a travel resource to learn more about which locations will be the right fit for all of your party needs.

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