Why are SUVs Better Than Sedans and Minivans?

are SUVs Better

The SUV is the heavier and bulkier cousin of the humble sedan. Despite starting out in a small niche, SUVs have become increasingly popular because of their sheer versatility. As the saying goes, an SUV combines the comfort of a sedan, the space of a minivan, and the towing capacity of a pickup truck. In other words, it gives you the best of all words. In this blog, you will know Why are SUVs Better Than Sedans and Minivans.

But it’s easy for manufacturers to miss the mark in terms of performance since they are trying to create a jack of all trades. In other words, if you want a vehicle that provides lots of passenger and cargo space, you should buy a minivan. Similarly, if you seek a high towing capacity, you should look towards a pickup truck. Even so, an SUV can give you a nice balance of towing capacity and cargo space. 

Here are some of the most common characteristics of an SUV.  

It’s Safer 

SUVs are massive vehicles with more sheets of metal than a typical sedan – and that alone makes occupants feel much safer. The SUV can take whatever you throw at it, regardless of the weather conditions. Moreover, the higher ride of the SUV gives drivers a more accurate view of the road. Thanks to the high ground clearance, it is easy to avoid obstacles on the road.  

SUVs like the MG ZS – and many similar models – have a 5-star ANCAP rating and seatbelt alerts which offer more protection. Driver-assist features like ACC and blind-spot sensors can make the roads safer for everyone.  

High Cargo Space

For obvious reasons, the bigger the car, the more space you will have for passengers and cargo. For example, the MG ZS has nearly 488 litres of cargo volume – that is more cargo room than most other hybrids and sedans. You never know when you’ll need the additional space for hauling gear. 

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Practicality of an SUV 

SUVs continue to gain more popularity due to their sheer practicality. The large interior and accommodating boot space make the SUV ideal for larger families (and larger adults). Passengers won’t have to struggle for legroom and there is plenty of space for everyone to store their cargo. This is especially useful if you’re going on a vacation and need to transport certain equipment that is essential to the trip

The generous carrying capacity of most SUV models is beneficial for just about any occasion.

Fuel Efficiency

Older SUVs used to be gas hogs with terrible fuel economy but ongoing improvements in engineering have changed the trend. Today, SUVs like the MG ZS are very fuel-efficient, but slightly under smaller vehicles like the sedan. You can’t change the laws of physics, but you can make improvements to the overall engine to improve fuel efficiency.

Off-Roading Capabilities

SUVs are the ultimate do-it-all cars that let you tackle the toughest off-road trails. However, not all SUVs are tough rugged 4x4s or come with advanced terrain management and traction control systems. In any case, if you want to use your SUV for off-road terrains, we recommend opting for special trim levels that can maximize the vehicle’s performance on rocks, sand, and mud.

Keep in mind that you are exchanging robustness for rougher and stiffer handling. With that said, an SUV like the MG GZ can be configured for adventurous use to conquer the off-roads. 

Towing Capabilities 

Sometimes you need to carry more stuff with you – and a sedan won’t be of much help when the going gets tough. You’ll need an SUV with a strong towing capacity to help you carry heavy cargo uphill. 

The flipside is that larger SUVs with high towing capacity tend to be a bit pricey. If you don’t need a massive vehicle with a large price tag, the family-friendly MG ZS can get the job done. Besides, it can tow heavier loads than most mainstream midsize SUVs. Don’t expect to tow heavier loads like a trailer though. 

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If you’re after high towing capacity, though, you’re better off seeking something bigger, such as the Ford Expedition which tops out at 9,000 pounds or more.

SUVs Can Survive Through Floods

Many SUV models are capable of functioning through shallow waters without the risk of damaging the engines. This can be a problem if you live in areas prone to hurricanes and floods. The higher ground clearance and reinforced body panels let you deal with floods better than other vehicles. 

If you plan on driving through a flood using an SUV, make sure to prioritize safety above everything else. Severe weather events usually create electrical hazards that are not safe to navigate – so keep your eyes peeled for any downed power poles.

SUVs are Affordable

The highly competitive SUV market has driven prices down. The average SUV is more affordable and makes for a great deal since you’re getting extra cargo space and height advantage. It’s worth noting that advanced trim levels, including those with all-wheel drive, will be more expensive. 

If you want affordable SUVs, go with their base trim levels. Most come with standards such as folding rear seats, Android Auto, and all-wheel drive. 

Better Seating Position

The significant height advantage of an SUV may result in a better eating position. There is better headroom and legroom that are convenient for adults over six feet tall. In contrast, the seating arrangement in a smaller vehicle like a sedan may be too small for larger adults. With an SUV, you won’t end up feeling like your head is touching the ceiling at any point during the drive.

Many Convenient Features

If you prioritize convenience over everything else, you’ll find an SUV to offer lots of features. Today’s SUV comes with add-ons that most drivers never thought of. For example, it is now possible to start an SUV’s engine using a smartwatch. Some manufacturers let you control all aspects of the SUV with a compatible Android smartwatch or an Apple Watch.

Moreover, several SUVs come with adaptive cruise control which can help you maintain the vehicle’s speed.  


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