Why is English Still an Important Language for Communicating Worldwide?

Communicating Worldwide

To communicating worldwide, we require a language, whether it is action, verbal, or written. Through language, we share ideas and express our feelings with others. Written and verbal expression separates humans from animals. 

We have thousands of languages in different parts of the world. A country has a national language, and in addition to it, there are numerous languages spoken, written, and understood by people in different regions. There are some languages which are spoken by the majority of people and others by a very few.

English is the most common language spoken and understood by a large number of people around the world. About 20%, i.e., 1.5 billion people of the world’s total population, use it as a primary means of communication for communicating worldwide.

Although English is very popular in everyday communication, the above numbers say that a very large population of the world is not acquainted with the English language or not English speakers.

Because English is the first language of about 360 million people communicating worldwide, it is necessary for those not familiar with it to learn it as early as possible. There are many online tutors and homework sites that can help you with English homework and to learn the English language. 

Why Has English Become So Popular?

It originated in England and was earlier considered an Indo-European language. But with the conquest of colonies by the British Empire, it turned out to be the main or secondary language of ex-British colonies, like the United States, India, Australia, and Canada.

Under the influence of British colonialism, the English language continuously flourished in the colonies of the British Empire.

Reasons Why English Is Important

The English language is primarily used in the cultural and business spheres of many developed and developing countries. It is a language used internationally for business, trade, banking, and other social, cultural, and political activities around the globe.

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Here are some more reasons why English is an important language to communicate worldwide.

1. Internationally Acclaimed as Common Language

Several factors contribute to making English an essential language to communicate in today’s world. The non-English speakers from different countries also use English as their preferred language. When people of two different countries, say China and Germany meet each other, they use English as their common language to communicate.

The table shows the number and percentage of English-speaking populations in few countries:



Number of English Speakers


Percentage of English Speakers


United States of America






United Kingdom
























Data Source: wikipedia.org

2. Language for Academics

In most countries, the curriculum of school and college is in English. Even in those countries where English is not an accredited language, students are encouraged to learn English.

The syllabus of professional studies, such as engineering and medical science, is covered and taught in English. If a student chooses to go for higher studies, he must master the English language because the world-renowned colleges and universities are English speaking.

At the university level, students from different countries study together. They must be familiar with Basic English to understand the lectures, raise questions, and communicate with teachers and fellow students.

Research from Pew in 2010 says that in Europe, over 73% of students from primary school and 90% of students belonging to secondary level learn English at their schools.

3. Language of the Internet, Social Media, Press, and Publication

The majority of websites on the internet use English. About 50% of the overall content on the internet is in English, and apparently, online educational content is more deeply slanted towards English. As mentioned earlier, the world of modern science and technology and their academics and research favor English. It is a general estimation that two out of every ten people are aware of this language.

Books, newspapers, and bulletins are published in English far more than in any other language. No matter which part of the world you are in, English books, newspapers, etc., are available for you. If you are acquainted with the language, you can avail any information for yourself regarding any particular subject.

4. Useful for Travelling Abroad

Good command of English communication makes traveling easier across the world. English being a common international language for tourists and foreigners, it is easy to get help and assistance anywhere in the world. There are people always in proximity to you who are aware of English up to some extent.

English is not confined to tourism. It is helpful in many international seminars, conferences, events, etc. The Olympics and Football World Cup are two great examples of International events where knowing English helps you significantly.

You must be working on improving your English communication skills. If not possible, memorizing a few phrases and a little vocabulary will help you get going without any issues.

5. Essential for Jobs and Business Internationally

When looking to expand your business and giving it an international identity, proficiency in English will help you by and large. Visiting offices of International companies and other organizations will certainly provide you an idea of how important the language is for any business correspondence.

Big multinational companies hire staff having professional experience and proficiency in English. MNCs cannot afford to hire staff not good at English skills, as they deal with international clients. Fluency in English reading, writing, and speaking is a must for someone expecting a job in the MNCs.

Start Now to Cope Up With the Developing World

It should not be assumed that we are in favor of wiping out the regional or other languages for communicating worldwide. Our motive is to give you a thought, how important English is in today’s world. You can also say that it is the language that has the potential of being your primary or secondary language.

Those still ignorant of the significance of English should initiate now. If you are interested in learning English, familiarizing yourself with watching some good English movies, reading news articles, taking help from online tutors, and following good English authors is one good step to start with.


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