Why You Should Outsource Healthcare Software Development

Outsource Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry. Advances in information technology have urged many industries to go digital and healthcare is no different. The healthcare sector is also shifting towards a patient-centric and value-based approach. Here are reasons Why You Should Outsource Healthcare Software Development.

There are many types of software solutions that can operate across multiple platforms and bridge the gap between the patient and the healthcare provider. Such platforms enable booking an appointment with a physician, monitoring health, online billing, accurate data and fast access to it, and more.

This connectivity makes it easier for clinicians to collaborate and treat patients more efficiently. It is also why the importance of having a software development team in healthcare organizations has increased. Custom software solutions for the healthcare industry is a practical method that will help companies create and use state-of-the-art applications.

Why You Should Only Hire Experienced Developers

Offshore development has become increasingly popular. An outsourced team can be located miles and miles away but still deliver great results. Outsourced developers are highly skilled, experienced, and specialized in skills that are either not available or too expensive to hire locally. Even if a company does have an in-house team, sometimes a more specialized skill set is needed. This is where outsourcing is a great option.

When partnering with remote healthcare software developers, companies have an opportunity to manage resources efficiently whenever required. There is a continual interaction between the healthcare company and the outsourced team, and they can address problems together and arrive at a solution more quickly. Moreover, an outsourced team with extensive expertise can offer valuable advice and different perspectives.  Additionally, a remote software development team frees up in-house employees and enables healthcare workers to focus on the most important tasks. If your organization does not have the funds to launch this initiative, a healthcare loan from Kapitus may be able to help. This is a win-win situation. 

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Overall, a qualified outsourced team can be a valuable asset as a partner to the healthcare organization seeking to develop innovative software applications. A remote team can create smart websites and healthcare solutions, using both artificial intelligence and original approaches, for healthcare organizations to receive quick processing of patient data. Smart healthcare applications can also make diagnosis’ more accurate, and help doctors monitor several aspects of their patient’s health while making the administration of the company a lot easier. 

Eastern European Tech Experts

Eastern Europe is well-known for gifted developers. IT is one of the fast-growing industries in the area, which fuels competition among companies and enhances the quality of services. Eastern Europe is a so-called safe-haven region for organizations seeking tech geniuses overseas. IT experts there have high-level skills, broad expertise and a great command of English. 

It’s crucial to be on the same page with your team of developers. Some business owners fear that language and culture barriers will make things more complicated, but this is not true. Instead, having a diverse, remote healthcare software development team makes it possible to satisfy each patient’s and doctor’s needs.

How Much Does Software Development Cost? 

IT hourly rates vary from country to country. Outsourcing software development to an experienced team of developers is the most cost- efficient option. In Eastern Europe, outsourcing rates might be 2-3 times lower than in the United States. By outsourcing development, healthcare enterprises can significantly reduce costs on developing application infrastructure, hiring experts, training, and finally on deployment and pre-installation setup charges. 

Roles Typical offshore developer rates in the USTypical offshore developer rates in Eastern Europe 
Business Analyst$110 – $205$40 – $65
Project Manager$135 – $235$45 – $70
Software Architect$200 – $300$50 – $80
Designer$80 – $165$35 – $55
Jr. Developer$105 – $110 $25 – $40
Middle Developer$130 – $140$35 – $50
Sr. Developer $155 – $165$45 – $70
Jr. QA Engineer$75 – $80$25 – $40
Sr. QA Engineer$145 – $170 $40 – $65
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Looking For a Reliable Healthcare Software Developer?

Outsourced development is the right choice for healthcare companies looking for a balance between excellent service and fair prices. Outsourced developers will help healthcare companies embody their ideas into a working solution.

When deciding to outsource your healthcare software development needs, it is imperative to find an experienced software development team.Kepler Team is best-in-class experts specializing specifically in healthcare software solutions. At Kepler Team, we ensure our outcomes will offer patients faster treatments and guarantee healthcare providers will have a better experience and use of the latest technology standards. When you partner with Kepler Team, you will have access to a premier talent force with expertise in developing high-tech solutions. Contact us to get started.


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