Will Insurance Cover a DIY Roof?

a DIY Roof

You may be a DIY person who is curious and ready to do repairs by yourself. Besides, most DIY projects save you money in the long term. However, when it comes to roofing and roof repairs, the task is different. Even though you might have pulled out successful DIY projects in the past, trying roof repair by yourself is a complex process that requires professional help. So, will insurance cover a DIY roof? Continue reading this blog to know.

Insurance covers roofs installed by certified roofing companies. When undertaking DIY roofing, you might miss crucial procedures leading to severe roof damage. So, your insurance provider will not cover the damages resulting from negligence.

Now, let’s learn why you should not install your roof and what you need to know about homeowner insurance policies.

Why Should You Not Install Your Roof By Yourself?

Roof installation is an expensive process; you might be tempted to do a DIY roof to save money. However, don’t get overexcited. DIY roof installation may cost you a fortune, take so long, and the results might even turn into a disaster. 

Thankfully, certified roofing companies who are experts at Roofing Lubbock homes will help with your roof installation or repairs. The good news is that roofing companies have insurance that covers any damage caused to your roof.

So, let’s see why you should not install your roof by yourself.

1. Lack of Technical Knowhow and Experience

Professional roofers undergo intensive training to understand the different roof systems and install different types of roofs. Besides, a roofer needs to know the manufacturer’s standards as well as the local building codes.

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A professional roofer has amassed years of experience and can spot other threats when undertaking roof repairs. For instance, a roof contains underneath elements that might need repairs to fix the leaking problem effectively.

Therefore, fixing your roof might be tricky, and the slightest mistake can cause massive damage. Some of the errors made during a DIY roof repair or installation include;

  • Use of the wrong size of nails
  • Driving the nail incorrectly
  • Failing to check the underlying elements and fix them appropriately
  • Blocking the ventilation and drains

2. Lack of Aesthetics

The roofing style of your house gives it a beautiful finishing. Your house aesthetics adds value and attracts potential buyers. A professional roofer has mastered the art of roofing and delivers exceptional results. Besides their experience, roofers follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing your roof.

On the other hand, besides watching several YouTube videos on installing a roof, you lack the experience and expertise required to install a roof properly. Therefore, the result is a poor-installed roof that is not appealing to you nor the buyers.

 3. Your Insurance Claim Might Be Denied

Most home insurance does not cover damages caused on a DIY roof. The insurance company will argue that the cause of damage resulted from negligence for not hiring a licensed roofing contractor.

Lack of roofing skills can result in roof damages and can be avoided if you engage a professional roofer. Also, roofing companies have insurance that covers any damages done on the client’s roof by their crew.

4. Limited Warranty

Every manufacturer provides a set of standards and guidelines to be followed when installing the roof. You receive a warrant for products and materials bought from them.

That said, attempting a DIY roof can damage the manufacturer’s materials and render them useless. In this case, you will not be eligible for warranty claims since the damages resulted from failure to follow the manufacturer’s application guidelines.

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To avoid the costly mistake, engage a professional roofer who will follow all the guidelines stipulated and notice any defective product.

5. It is a Costly Process

A roofing company invests in all kinds of roofing tools and equipment. On the other hand, you’re not a roofer, so you can’t invest in all the roofing tools required. Therefore, if you risk installing your roof, you will have to buy the tools or hire them.

Some of the other mistakes that will cost you money include;

  • Doing wrong estimate of materials needed
  • Purchasing the wrong materials
  • Making a slight mistake that leads to massive damage

6. The Process is Time Consuming

Any time you admire someone’s work and think that it looks simple and you can also pull it through, remember that they have mastered it. A roofer wakes up every day to handle roofing stuff while you wake up to work in a different field. 

A professional roofer has the skills to make his work look easier and has the right tools for the task. If you happen to try it yourself, you will notice how complex and time-consuming the process is.

7. The Process is Unsafe

A roofer has the right gear and safety equipment to undertake the task, they have mastered the art of climbing and using ladders, but they also fall and get injured. Now, what about you? You lack even the fundamental skill of using a ladder and barely have the safety equipment. 

Homeowners Insurance Policies On Roof Replacement or Repairs

  • Most homeowners’ insurance policies will only cover roof replacement if the damage is caused by an act of nature.
  • If your roof is over 20 years old, you will have limited insurance coverage. 
  • Most insurance policies won’t pay for replacing or repairing a gradually deteriorating roof due to wear-and-tear or neglect.

Final Word

You will agree with me that the risk of doing a DIY roof is too much for anyone. It is even worse to be denied insurance claims in case of damages. Also, engaging a roof inspector will save you a big deal—you will not be denied insurance cover due to neglect. Most importantly, engage a professional roofer to undertake your roof installation or repairs to save money, time and enjoy the insurance claims.


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