Zendure’s SuperMini 10,000mAh battery pack: An Adorable and Powerful under $35


The battery pack industry is crowded already. Too many players in the market can make it difficult for companies. But Zendure has come up with interesting features to standout. So what did they exactly do? They reduced their size.

Zendure, the company that also produces various other battery and charging solutions, is right now selling its 10,000mAh SuperMini on Indiegogo at an early backer price of $34.

The latest battery is much smaller than the average pack, one of the reasons being its usage of GaN (gallium nitride) instead of usual silicon to produce the components, which helps the components to occupy far lesser space, leaving only the battery cells.

Zendure's SuperMini 10,000mAh battery pack: An Adorable and Powerful under $35

It is worth noting that the capacity is in fact gained via two separate 5,000mAh batteries, which also gives the company the option to save space inside the chassis by rounding them on top of each other.

Apart from its size — the SuperMini’s dimensions is interesting as it is also stouter than Anker’s equivalent 10,000 mAh battery — mainly due to a couple of reasons.

It can output 18 watts via both its USB-C port (using USD Power Delivery) and its USB-A port, through Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard; and it can also allow 18W to charge back up, reducing the time significantly it takes to reach back to 100%.

The company has also slotted a trickle charge solution to allow for smaller products such as wearables to get the right amount of current; due to their tinier batteries, many smartwatches and other products can’t be charged up via a battery bank.

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It is important to remember that the SuperMini can only do 18 watts output at max, which means that it’s will split that number between the two ports when two products are plugged.


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