ZooMaa announces new Call of Duty team – Here’s full list and Details


With Call of Duty esports changing to a franchised model beginning from the 2020 season, the 12 organizations included are in the business of enrolling players and building their rosters.

The franchise that will be established in New York has made its main official player announcement, substantiating that ZooMaa will be representing NYC in the forthcoming campaign.

The former FaZe star stated that he wanted to officially announce that he has joined the Andbox family and will be depicting New York in the forthcoming Call of Duty season.

ZooMaa announces new Call of Duty team - Here's full list and Details
ZooMaa announces new Call of Duty team – Here’s full list and Details

As those of you who may recognize, he grew up in the city, so being near to family and friends is truly a blessing, alongside some of the most intense fans.

As things remain, ZooMaa is currently the single-player to have been substantiated as part of the NYC roster, although, comprehending by his comments, it seems that the rest of his teammates are already on their path to becoming official.

As far as rumors go, there is an assumption that he will be joined by two retired FaZe teammates in what could be a very difficult potential roster.

Rumoured NYC Call of Duty roster:

Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto
Dillon ‘Attach’ Price (ex-FaZe/EG)
Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris (ex-FaZe)
Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda (ex-Splyce)
Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi (ex-EG)

The institution has already declared John ‘Revan’ Bobble, previously of Evil Geniuses, as their head coach, with JohnPaul ‘JP Krez’ Krez as a critic.

ZooMaa meeting NYC CoD officially puts a stop to his long term with FaZe Clan, whom he affected for over five years and five several Call of Duty titles.

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FaZe, of course, have selected not to purchase a spot in the modern league, at least for its inaugural season, so the “Italian Stallion” had no option but to explore other choices.


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