50 Most Powerful Women In Multiple Fields

    50 most powerful women
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    Who and What defines power in today’s world? Well! To begin with, 2020 is a year where women are triumphing the world with their realistic conclusion and plan of actions to benefit humanity. However, in the History of the sovereign, people have witnessed powerful women who not only contributed to the creation of women’s rights but also received criticism for their twisted ways. Today at our platform, we present the list of 50 most powerful women in the History of the ruling world. To this date, people remember these powerful queens for their red-blooded resolutions and advancement beyond the time being. 

    Elizabeth I of England

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    How can you forget the Virgin Queen ever lived? Elizabeth I had remained the Queen of England and Ireland for 45 years. Within this ruling period, Elizabeth has triggered powerful controversies, including the cult of Virgins. She had also triggered several wars with Muslim states. In the meantime, she was also prominent for the tortuous approaches that she used to perform on those who plot against the Queen and her union. 

    Catherine The Great

    most influential women today
    Source: History.com

    It is no wonder that the History of the ruling world is filled with kings and queens. However, some Queens are still in the talks not only for their leadership but also for their incomparable power of influencing the entire world. Catherine II of Russia was the Empress of Russia for 34 years. In the meantime, Catherine the Great was prominently known for taking advantage of her power with no boundaries. She used to imprison her opposers for a lifetime. Sounds like today’s fictional stories, right?

    Cleopatra: Ruler of Egypt

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    For the most part, today’s generation knows Cleopatra as the Queen of Sex. However, do you know? In her reign of ruling on Egypt, Cleopatra had given rise to many several wars and participated in the same to save her union. The woman proved her dignity by consuming poison (attempting suicide) than accepting her death in the form of murder by the Octavian’s domination. Well! Unfortunately, she died; however, she left her remarks for the world to read. 

    Rani Laxmi Bai

    50 most powerful women fortune
    Source: The Quint

    In the event that we discuss India, many unforgettable queens have fought against colonialism and proved their power. To begin with, Rani Laxmi Bai was the Queen of Jhansi, belonging to the Maratha Empire. During the British Raj, Rani Laxmi Bai fought numerous wars. At the age of 29 only, Rani Laxmi Bai died during the war against the Britishers. According to History, Jhansi ki Rani had ordered her Indian Soldiers to burn her body alive (while she was wounded) rather than allowing Britishers to touch her. And, that’s power!

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Source: History.com

    To begin with, Queen Elizabeth II is the current Queen of England. In the History of British ruling, she is a part of the longest and successfully running reign of power. 


    most influential women of Egypt
    Source: ThoughtCo

    Egypt’s most prominent Queen that the scholars did not know until the 19th century, Hatshepsut ruled the country from 1508 BC to 1458 BC. In the meantime, the Queen focused on building the infrastructure of the country, including the famous Deir el-Bahri temple. Here’s a fun fact: in sculptures, Hatshepsut appeared as male because of unknown reasons. 

    Maria Theresa of Austria

    Source: DW

    Queen Theresa was the empress of Hapsburg. During her ruling era, she ruled over Italy, Hungary, Austria, Bohemia, and Croatia. Maria, the Queen, embraced her power by introducing the world to educational opportunities, mostly science, and literature. 

    Angela Markel

    50 most powerful women
    Source: DW

    Angela Markel is known as one of the 50 most powerful women in the History of politics. To begin with, she has been enjoying the power of being the first-ever female Chancellor of Germany and is prominently known as the leader of the free world. Not only this, but Angela comes from a high-end educational doctorate background, particularly quantum chemistry. Her net worth 2020 is $11.5 Million.

    Abigail Johnson

    50 most powerful women
    Source: American Banker

    In the business world, women are no longer subjective to negotiable positions. Abigail Johnson, the CEO of Fidelity Investments, has broken all the stereotypes by becoming one of the top female American billionaires with networth 2020 valued at over $15 Billion. For the most part, Abigail holds the greatest power of goodwill in the investment industry for her intellect as an investor. 

    Nancy Pelosi

    50 most powerful woman 2020
    Source: Click2Houston

    In the event that you think that the “power” is very much defined by the hatred, Nancy Pelosi is a game-changer. To begin with, Nancy Pelosi is the first-ever elected female Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Her Net Worth 2020 amounts to $34 million and is currently 80 years old. 

    Suiko: The Empress of Japan

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    Source: Wikipedia Commons

    Suiko was the first-ever female Empress of Japan who had kick-started the Government system in the country. She also introduced the world to the Chinese Bureaucratic system. Till today, Suiko’s contributed system runs in Japan. Is that good for the 50 most powerful women in the ruling world? I say, YES!

    Christine Lagarde

    50 most powerful women
    Source: Financial times

    Christine Lagarde, one of the top French politicians, has yet to prove that ruling comes with power and vice versa. Currently, She holds the position as the president of the European Central Bank. Earlier, she had ruling power over the IMF International Monetary Fund. According to Forbes, Christine ranks as the 5th most powerful woman in the world. Apart from this, Forbes also complimented her visualization of power in a male-dominated society. 

    Melinda Gates

    Source: Quartz

    With Net worth over $40 Billion, Melinda Gates is one of the fortune’s top 50 most powerful women in business. She is part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Currently, Melinda Gates has launched herself in conversion related to women’s rights in the United States. 

    Mary Barra

    Source: industry week

    Mary Barra is yet another winner in our list of most influential women in 2018. In the past few decades, women have been complaining about the gender pay gap that seemed unresolvable before the commencement of Mary Barra, who in 2018 finally launched the Global Report on Gender Equality. It is a win-win for every woman in the world. 

    Ursula Von Der Leyen

    Source: Financial times

    Currently, Ursula Leyen is the president of the European Commission. She is the first elected female in the given position. According to History, Ursula has changed the lives of over 700 million Europeans, particularly women. Ursula Von Der Leyen’s annual Net Worth 2020 is 3 35 000 Euros. 

    Ana Patricia Botin 

    50 most influential women in business
    Source: El Pais

    Ana Patricia Botin started her career in 2014 as the chairperson of the Santander Group in Spain. She contributed towards Spain’s digital industry by introducing a multi-sector blockchain-based system in the country. Apart from this, Ana Botin is also focusing on the educational system of the country by supporting university entrepreneurship. 

    Ginni Rometty 

    Source: SiliconAngle

    Ginni Rometty is an inspiration to millions of people with tech-intellect. She has transformed IBM into a data company. Not only this, but she is also responsible for the 50% increased revenue of the company in the past three years. Currently, she is contributing to improving the ratio of women in the tech-driven industry and workplaces. 

    Gail Boudreaux

    Source: Money inc.

    Gail Boudreaux is one of the most influential women today, particularly in the field of Health. Recently, Gail received a grant amounting to $53 million from the Anthem foundation awards concerning her exertions towards the health issues faced by Americans on a large scale. 

    Marilyn Hewson 

    Source: Fortune

    To begin with, Marillyn Hewson is one of the most powerful women in History with the greatest contributions towards the U.S. Military and Airforce. She is currently the CEO of Lockheed Martin, the company that focuses on the development of aerospace, technology, and security-based programs. In the future, Marillyn Hewson is planning to launch supersonic aircraft, so, who’s excited? 

    Oprah Winfrey

    Source: The Indian Express

    There is no platform or industry that women have not embraced the power in. Oprah Winfrey is one such most influential woman today. Her talk show has been running for over 25 years, which is the longest. Do you know? Winfrey’s talk show net worth is over $2 billion. Not only this but currently, she is also running a channel called OWN. 

    Roshni Nadar Malhotra

    Source: Free Press journal

    Roshni Nadar Malhotra is the CEO of one of the largest corporations, I .e.., HCL. According to the History of HCL Technologies, Roshni’s strategic contributions have benefited the company for $8.9 billion. Apart from this, Nadar also contributes to the Shiv Nadar Foundation, which is responsible for providing free education in India. 

    Feng Ying Wang

    Source: Pinterest

    Have you ever watched females dealing with SUV and pickup truck companies? Well! Thanks to Feng Ying Wang, the CEO of Great Wall Motors, women have power over the manufacturing industry. Feng also recently received investment offers for R&D electronic vehicles. However, U.S.’s criticism towards China has put a full stop on the deal, probably!

    Ho Ching

    Source: AsaiOne ST

    Ho Ching is one of the 50 most popular women CEO(s) around the world. She is the E.D. and CEO of Temasek, which is the largest Singaporian Investment Company. Due to the contributions of Ho Ching’s investment intellect, Temasek has received over $313 billion, amounting to profit on the lines of its portfolio. Alongside this, she is also the spouse of Lee Hsien Loong, the PM of Singapore.

    Susan Wojcicki

    Source: TenderCapital

    Susan Wojcicki is the part-owner of Youtube. Not only this, but she is also the 16th employee of Google. She is one of the top 10 American Billionaire women. Susan comes from a strong career background with years of working experience at Intel. 

    Tsai Ing-Wen

    50 most powerful women
    Source: Foreign Policy

    Tsai is the first-ever female elected as the President of Taiwan. She belongs to the Democratic Progressive Party. To begin with, Tsai Ing-Wen is currently fighting to reunite the country against the abstention by China. Without a doubt, with power-at-hand, Tsai Ing-Wen is planning a lot of gratitude for the people of Taiwan. 

    Sheikh Hasina Wazed

    Source: SheThePeopleTop.TV

    To the reader’s surprise, Sheikh Hasina Wazed is the 10th prime minister of Bangladesh with the longest-serving time. 73-years-old Hasina Wazed has recently trended for her part in Padma Bridge Graft Scandal. But, whatsoever, Sheikh Hasina Wazed is contributing to Bangladesh’s digital industry by using her power at best. Although, in early 2020, rumors concerning voter suppression put the status of Sheikh Hasin Wazed’s party at risk. 

    Amy Hood

    50 most powerful women 2020
    Source: CNBC.com

    Amy Hood joined Microsoft as the CFO in 2013. Later, she achieved credit for boosting Microsoft’s market value to 300%. She is one of the most famous employees of Microsoft, with a high-end vision for the technological industry. At last, Amy is also working on the current Microsoft’s cloud computing solution. 

    Adena Friedman

    Source: Youtube

    Here’s an amazing fact to start with: Adena Friedman is one of the most influential women today to achieve success in the field of Global Stock Exchange. Moreover, Adena is also targeting the industries to re-embrace the public market. To the reader’s surprise, Adena is now a part member of the New York Federal Reserve. According to reports, she has some big and powerful plans upcoming. 

    Lady May or Theresa May

    Source: The Atlantic

    Theresa May is the current Prime Minister of the U.Kingdom with a perfect exemplar of women empowerment. In 2005, Lady May took the first step towards promoting the participation of women in politics. Not only this but Theresa May also recently in 2013 take initiatives to legalize same-sex marriages in the country. Above all, Lady May is also known for keeping law above everyone and everything as she ordered the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Paul. 

    Greta Thunberg

    50 most powerful women in business
    Source: openDemocracy

    To begin with, Greta Thunberg recently had gone viral on social media for her speech/poetry, “how dare you?” where she is asking the former generation about the harms they have caused to the environment. To the reader’s surprise, Greta Thunberg is a 17-years-old climate activist with a Net Worth of $1 million. As a consequent, she is the youngest, most powerful, and influential woman. 

    Ivanka Trump

    Source: Vanity Fair

    As the surname suggests, you must have guessed us right! Ivanka Trump, the daughter of USA’s president Mr. Donald Trump, is one of the top-ranking 50 most powerful women. To begin with, irrespective of her father’s status, Ivanka is pursuing her career as an American Businesswoman. She has opened up a line of diamond jewelry with the first store situated in Manhattan. Her net worth 2020 is approx $700 million. 

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Source: Forbes

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came out as the top-trending political figure when she defeated Joe Crowley in the 2018 Elections. To the reader’s surprise, Joe had been winning the New York Democrat position for ten terms. But, this time, AOC became the youngest congresswoman. Well! Isn’t that just inspiring? Believe it or not, Women are yet again triumphing the Ruling World.

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Source: Fox News

    Hold your horse because Ellen DeGeneres holds the 30th ranking for 50 most powerful women in Hollywood. That’s right! If we countdown women who have influenced the world of Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres will stand at first for her mind-blowing talk show, comic career, and contribution to the LGBTQ community. 

    Isabelle Kocher 

    most influential women in the world
    Source: Financial Times

    Isabelle Kocher is one of the well-known personalities in the business industry. For the most part, in 2016, Kocher transformed and renewed the fossil fuels company to renewable energy resources. Thanks to Kocher, the interest of women in the industry has advanced.

    Emma Walmsley

    Source: Fierce Pharma

    Here’s a fun fact, to begin with, Emma Walmsley is the first-ever female to control a high-end pharmaceutical company called GlaxoSmithKline. 

    Sheryl Sandberg

    Source: CNBC.com

    For the most part, Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook. Recently, her Net Worth revaluing to $1.8 Billion has been in the talks. Although, according to facebook’s reports, Sheryl is responsible for F.B.’s financial growth from $50 million to 22.1 Billion USD. 

    Safra Catz

    Source: YourStory

    From $6 Million Net Worth to $1.2 Billion, Safra Catz is worthy of all the attention. To begin with, she is currently the CEO of Oracle. In recent times, Catz received an invitation from Trump to onboard the presidential intelligence advisory. 

    Kristalina Georgieva

    Source: Devex

    Kristalina Georgieva is managing director at the International Monetary fund. To begin with, she is one of the 50 powerful women in the field of finance and investment. For the most part, she is responsible for running a successful loan program with Ukraine valuing over $5 billion.

    Julie Sweet

    50 most powerful women
    Source: Wall Street Journal

    She is the current CEO of Accenture. To begin with, according to Julie’s powerful plans for the world, she believes in the culture of Equality. That’s some powerful thinking!

    Ruth Porat

    50 most influential women today
    Source: New Corner

    Porat is one of the special employees at Google. She is also the CEO of Alphabet, I .e.., the parent company. Using her powerful intellects, Ruth has given rise to the acquisition of mobile search and programmatic advertising. Without a doubt, she is the next-best face of Google.

    Serena Williams

    Source: Tennisshead

    S.Williams is a well-known personality and athlete who holds more than 12 corporate partners. According to recent events, Serena Williams is making her way into the business industry as a high-end investor. In the past few years, she has invested in 50 startups, hence, increased her net worth by $10 million.

    Most Powerful Women in Hollywood

    To begin with, Hollywood is nowhere left behind when it comes to power. That’s right! Therefore, Here’s a list of top most influential women in the Hollywood industry that are known worldwide for many reasons:

    • Nancy Dubuc: Vice Media’s CEO
    • Beyonce: Singer
    • Hillary Clinton: Politician, Diplomat, Writer, Lawyer, and also a public Speaker
    • Furthermore, Angelina Jolie: Actress
    • Sofia Vergara: Actress (known for movies and T.V. Series also)
    • Lady Gaga
    • J.K. Rowling: International known Writer and moreover, a Best-seller for decades
    • Rihanna (Ri-Ri): Singer
    • Above all, there is Jennifer Lawrence: Actress


    So, we are at the final stage of counting down the 50 most powerful women. Without a doubt, when it comes to women, power is not defined by a specific position that a woman holds. However, it is the beliefs and humanity that counts!


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