Everything you need to know about Jessica Ditzel and her Husband, Joe Rogan!

Jessica Ditzel
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Joe Rogan is one of the most astounding comedians in American History. He also takes part in national podcasting and U.F.C. Colour commentator. But, what does Joe Rogan’s personal life look like? In 2009, he gave a lovely end to his bachelor years and tied knots with Jessica Ditzel, an American model. However, apparently, there’s more to Jessica and Joe’s married life that you may not know about. Thus, we brought you a brief reading that tells you everything you need to know about Joe Rogan and their Wife, Jessica Ditzel. 

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To begin with, Joe Rogan has accomplished heights of success in the lines of reality-based television shows. From Fear Factor (11 seasons), NewsRadio, The Man Show, Meat Eater, to Joe Rogan Triggered and The Joe Rogan Experience, he has known quite well to the viewers of N.B.C. Network and HBO. 

Currently, he is a U.F.C. Colour Commentator (a commentator who delivers sports-based comments while the game is amid intervals). He is one of the top-ranking podcasters in his field. 

With all that being said, you must be wondering how Joe Rogan’s personal life looks like? Well! Without any further ado, let’s dive down into the top 15 facts about Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Ditzel and himself: 

Jessica Ditzel was a bartender when she met Joe 

The beautiful relationship between Jessica Ditzel and Joe Rogan seems like it is scripted for cliché and romantic movies. However, for Joe Rogan, his first-ever interest in Jessica arose in 2001 when he entered a bar, and Jessica attended to his requirements. 

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Later on, Jessica and Joe started going out, simultaneously avoiding the media. At the time, Jessica Ditzel was struggling to build a real-time career in modelling. However, destiny has planned something else for her. Spoiler Alert: Joe Rogan!

After eight years of dating, the couple exchanged vows

For the most part, Joe and Jessica’s eight-year of dating history proves that love takes a lot of time to comprehend each other. In 2001, Jessica met Joe for the first-time aforementioned. After a month, Joe asked Jessica out on a date. The couple started dating simultaneously. Both gave a lot of time and energy to their respective careers.

In 2009, Mr Rogan married Jessica Ditzel in Los Angeles, California. 

Up to this date, it has been 22 years, and the couple is holding on to a healthy relationship with each other. And that’s surprisingly new to the film industry of Hollywood. 

Jessica Ditzel Height is 3 inches higher than her Husband, Joe Rogan

Not too many months ago, Joe Rogan encountered an embarrassing moment for himself on national T.V. During Joe’s podcast. A caller spent $17 500 on a sky written proposal for his/her better half. However, as the message reached its end, it was commenting on Joe Rogan’s height by saying, “Joe Rogan is literally 5’3’’. 

On the other hand, from Jessica Ditzel’s Wikipedia, it is clear that her height is 5’10’’. Hence, making this situation laughable for viewers out there. 

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Since Joe’s marriage with hot wife Jessica Ditzel, former American Model, pranksters on the internet are before Joe. They mock him on every occasion. Recently on Wikipedia, anonymous content editors changed Rogan’s height to 5’00’’. As embracing as it sounds, Joe didn’t react to it. 

What do you think Joe’s height is? 

Without a doubt, next to his wife, Jessica Ditzel, Rogan appears quite small. 

Jessica has three daughters, one from her ex-boyfriend!

Jessica’s ex-boyfriend Kevin Dino Conner died in a car accident in 2003. According to Kevin’s Wikipedia, he was a high-end musician from the band H-Town. Born in 1996, Kayja Rose is Joe Rogan’s stepdaughter. Many people on Google ask whether Joe Rogan married a single mom? The answer is YES. In 2009, Joe Rogan married Jessica. At the time, Kayja Rose, Jessica’s first daughter with late artist Dino, was 13 years old. 

Today, Kayja is building her career in the music industry as her biological father did. She has also joined H-Town Band. You can check out Rose’s music work on SoundCloud and Spotify. 

Up until now, there’s not much information on Joe Rogan’s relationship with stepdaughter Kayja Nichole Conner. Also, before the death of Dino, Jessica had already separated. Thus, not much is known about how the two broke up. However, there were rumours that Dino was cheating on her with another music artist in the industry. But nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Not only this, but according to people in touch, Jessica confirms that Dino was having a marital affair with Teshya Rae Weisent. She also died in the accident. 

Jessica’s other two daughters from Joe named Lola and Rosy, who are 13 and 11 years old, respectively. 

Jessica Ditzel is not the daughter of Jess Conard, an English actor and singer

To begin with, Jessica Ditzel parents are Jeff Conard Ditzel and Donna Ziemer Ditzel. More often than not, viewers and fans connect Jessica’s parental dots with Jess Conard, who is a prominent stage actor and singer in Brixton, London. 

For the most part, during their dating years between 2001 and 2009, Jessica’s parents and others were mainly concerned and weren’t much confident about their relationship. However, the couple proved everyone wrong. It has been 12 years since their conjugal bond, and they look quite happy. 

But, inside information sources reveal that Jeff Conrad, Jessica’s biological father, also keeps a hardcore interest in music. He is a part/lead singer of a band named Ditch Pickles in Texas. 

She has an older sister, Trinity Ditzel

Unlike many celebrities’ siblings, Jessica Ditzel’s sister, Trinity Ditzel, doesn’t like to share the limelight with her. Likewise Jessica, Trinity also believes in keeping all factors in her life private. Without much information on Trinity, it is clear that both daughters were born in Sugar Land, Texas. Both attended California State University. 

Trinity is not married yet. But, it seems like Jessica has fully convenient herself into the housewife mode. But, her model figurine is still aspiring to paparazzi all the time. 

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Although, unlike Jessica’s blonde look, Trinity’s fashion sense is much more diverse. Her picture often crafts an appeal of fashion signatures from the black community, which is much appreciated. 

For Joe Rogan to live with four women is tough

In the words of Joe Rogan during a live podcast, he confessed that living with four women, including wife Jessica Ditzel and three daughters, is tough. Often Joe Rogan, during stand-up comedy, confessed that he lies to his daughters about being high. 

Well! It seems like Joe Rogan is as funny around his family as he is on the stage. According to his Netflix stand-up comedy podcast, he is a big hugger. 

Jessica Ditzel Husband Joe Rogan’s net worth

Without a doubt, Joe Rogan and Jessica, along with their three daughters, live a luxurious life. Two daughters Lola and Rosy Rogan, attend one of the best private schools in Los Angeles. How much do you think Joe Rogan’s earnings are per podcast? Is it more than Jessica Ditzel? Let’s find out: 

According to inside sources, Joe Rogan’s Net Worth 2021 is $100 Million, equivalent to Demi Moore, Tyler, and Jerry Seinfeld. To the reader’s surprise, Joe Rogan’s Youtube Earnings per year is $30 Million, thanks to endless views on his podcast shows. 

For U.F.C. commentary, Joe Rogan earns up to $75 000 per episode, which is more than what Jennifer Aniston earned for a single episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! Recently, Joe Rogan has also signed a deal with Spotify to broadcast his podcast live on the platform. To the reader’s surprise, the deal was worth $100 Million. 

Jessica Ditzel
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Besides that, Jessica Ditzel’s husband, Joe Rogan, was also awarded by Forbes as one of the top-ranking podcasters in America. 

Apart from all the above-mentioned income sources, Mr Rogan is making a fortune out of supplements’ brands he launched back-to-back. These include Lion’s Mane Elixir, TruBrain, Neuro1, and Onnit. 

Last but not least, Joe Rogan’s Experience (private reality show) earns over 9.5 million USD per month. Therefore, he is one of the richest podcasters in America. 

Jessica Ditzel Net Worth

Since marriage in 2009, Jessica Ditzel has left her career behind as a model. She is now a full-time housewife and homemaker. Yet, after ten years of leaving modelling behind, her figure is no less than American Actresses who walk ramps for big fashion brands. 

Jessica fizzle
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To the reader’s surprise, after meeting Joe Rogan, Jessica Ditzel got a good-luck charm. She worked long-time for a Korean brand as a model. Her current Net Worth is $5 Million. 

Apart from having a big breakthrough in Korean brand Wholesome, Jessica also holds credit for working in the all-time favourite sitcom “The Simpsons” as a production assistant. 

Kayja Rose Net Worth

Kayja Rose is Jessica’s eldest daughter. She is starting her career in the music industry. Up until now, her net worth has reached 300k USD. You can check out her latest work on youtube. Her songs titled One-Sided, Selfish, Please Re-Born, Self Sabotage, Mental, B.L.M., and Bad Behavior are quite pleasing. 


Jessica Ditzel is now 45 years old, happily married to Joe Rogan. For more information on prominent Hollywood couples, get in touch with us. Bookmark us for new updates daily. 


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