Noella Bergener Net Worth, Personal life, Career, and More

Noella Bergener Net Worth

Noella Bergener is a prominent personality in the entertainment industry. She is a charming and famous TV personality who has garnered attention for her captivating charm and talents. Bergener is also popular because she has amassed a large amount of net worth. When diving into the details, we can infer that Noella Bergener  Net Worth reflects her hard work and smart career choices.

She is a successful model, a social media influencer, and a famous TV personality. If you want to gather useful details about her, you have hit the right page. Here we will cover the details about her net worth, personal life, career, and other aspects. Stay tuned to read the article to the fullest.

Noella Bergener’s Net Worth

Noella Bergener Net Worth

Noella Bergener is a very famous TV personality and model. Because of her work, she has received global recognition. She is extremely popular in the U.S.A. She has displayed her remarkable acting prowess in her TV show “The Real Housewives of Oranges.” As per her current status, Noella Bergener Net Worth is USD 8 Million. Her outstanding wit, shining career, and her status as a social media influencer have transformed her life to a great extent. Let’s check out the details of sources of her whopping net worth.

Sources of Noella Bergener Net Worth

Her fans are always interested to know what are the sources of her net worth. She has amassed such an outstanding net worth because of her determination, hard work, and zeal to succeed. Let’s analyze the sources behind the whopping net worth.

1)  T.V personality

Noella made her television debut in 2021 and has amassed huge popularity in such a short period. She has worked in most reality television shows which not only added to her popularity but also has given her a chance to elevate her income. “ The Real Housewife of Orange County” has made her popular in the realm of the television era.

      2)  Social Media Influencer

She is a successful social media influencer and so many people follow her social media accounts. Her Instagram account is very popular among his fans. She has also earned enough money through endorsements of diverse brands that are also mentioned on her Instagram account. Some of the popular brands that Noella has endorsed are “ Diin Jewelry”, “ Playland Seeking”, ” J’Adore Les Fleurs”, “Amazing Cake Creations”, House of Aama, and many more.

For her children, she has also collaborated with various clothing brands. Some of the prominent brands are Zara Kids, SEVIIN’s Children Apparel, @royalbabiesandtots, @sunandlace. It should be noted that from all her other social media accounts, her Instagram account has gathered massive popularity.

3) Modelling 

Noella Bergener Net Worth is also a reflection of the top modeling assignments performed by Noella Bergener. In her statement to Bravo, she once expressed her sentiments by saying “Once a model, always a model.” She has made her successful breakthrough on the runway by performing walking in shows with the “Channel”, and some other “couture brands.”


Noella Bergener Net Worth

She is a retired model and reality TV show star who has accumulated a huge net worth. This is because of her exclusive space in the entertainment industry. As a renowned reality star, she began her career on the 16th show of “Real Housewives of Orange Country.”

Apart from her gleaming career as a noted TV personality, and social media influencer, she is also famous for some social moments and activism. For example, the amazing celebrity is well known for her social justice activism and support of “Black Lives Matter.”

She has also been featured on the pages of “Esquire, and Flirt.” Apart from this, as a social media influencer, she has also grabbed outstanding popularity from her Instagram account. She has a total of 97.9 K followers on her Instagram account.

Early Life

Noella Bergener has received an outstanding popularity but her early life was as normal as other kids. She does not have an entertainment background, so her early life was fairly simple. She was born and brought up in California, U.S.A, and her birth date is 14th July 1985. Her father’s name is Christopher Nance Weatherman, and her mother’s name is Nicholette Ortega Nance. Even after her normal upbringing, she has made her unflinching name in the entertainment industry as a former model, T.V. personality, and social media influencer. Since her debut in the industry, there has been no lookback for her.

Personal Life

Noella Bergener

Apart from Noella Bergener Net Worth, her personal life also is a subject of interest for her personal life. She was first married to James Bergener, who is an injury lawyer and the couple got married in June 2022 according to the U.S. Weekly. However, the couple divorced, later on, because of some untold internal reasons. From her first marriage, she has two children.

 Her girl child’s name is Coco, and the other boy’s child is James Jr. Bergener. Her male child is marked with the problem of Autism. At present, she has a boyfriend whose name is Boby Schbenski.

Philanthropic Works 

She is actively involved in many philanthropic works and hence, she is a well-known personality. Noella raises her voice through various charitable organizations and featured herself through different social causes empowering women, health awareness, and community development. She has made a positive impact on the world with her outstanding career and positive vibes.


Noella Bergenrer’s worth is a testament to her outstanding wit, social status as a celebrity, and entertainment figure. Because of her prowess in modeling and acting in reality shows, she has carved a niche in the entertainment industry. She has become an influential figure and through different social causes, she is supporting and empowering women. Her initiatives are very useful for black lives. Throughout her life, she has led a wonderful life and her expensive lifestyle is an attraction for many people. All, in all, we can say that her wealth stems from her former acting assignments as a TV celebrity, influencer, and entrepreneurial ventures.


1) What reason Noella Bergener has cited for divorce?

She has cited irreconcilable differences as the chief reason for her divorce from her ex-husband “James Bergener.”

2) With whom is Noella Bergener currently dating?

 Noella Bergener is currently dating Boby Schubenski after her divorce.

3) Why she had left Housewives?

At the time of leaving Housewives, she stated that her family and work were the most important part of her life. She needs to focus on them.

4) Who was Noella Bergener’s first husband?

Her first husband’s name was James Bergener, and he was an injury lawyer and a famous entrepreneur.

5) What statement does Sweet James pass about Noella Bergener?

 Sweet James was very happy to see Noella Bergener on the show. He says that Noella Bergener has changed because of her outstanding career in the entertainment industry. He further has expressed that Noella is the one who has first filed for the divorce.



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