Nantahala National Forest Itinerary for Tourist | Things to do for the best experience

Nantahala National Forest
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Situated in North Carolina, Nantahala National Forest is the epitome of Nature. If you want to grasp the most beautiful view of the lying mountains. And, dive into the freshness of the fountain in summer. Nantahala National Forest must be at your top list. To begin with, this national Forest rests at second position after the Pacific Northwest forest, however, equally mesmerizing. 

Nantahala National Forest
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Spread in 531,148 acres, Nantahala Forest touches the boundaries of three small towns named Franklin, Robbinsville, and Murphy. To the reader’s surprise, throughout the year, over 90 000 tourists visit Nantahala National Forest to explore the hidden magnificence of Nature. And without a doubt, they leave with the biggest smile on their faces and a plan to visit again next year. 

So, if you haven’t given one of your vacations to Nantahala, it is the perfect time of the year to do so. Do you know? Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina is already a century old in 2021. Here, your eyes witness the most adventurous recreational activities amid wildlife. Cabins nearby remain booked beforehand in order to avoid overcrowding. Henceforth, it is a perfect place to refresh your mind with some newly built memories accompanying friends and family. 

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Are you ready for some thrill in Nantahala National Forest? If yes, you are on the right platform. Here, you will receive a complete itinerary to complete your visit to the Forest with a comfortable climax. Let’s take a glance: 

Things to do in Nantahala National Forest for Best StopOver Experience

When you are on a trip to a location filled with flora & fauna, not everyone wants to stay in a fancy cabin. The real meaning of taking a trip to the Forest is stepping out of your comfort zone and lying in the middle of the Forest hand-in-hand with your partner. And, that’s the part that you will remember for life. So, if you are one such tourist who wants to experience the most mind-bending adventures amid the Nantahala National Forest area, we present a “to-do list” for your reference. Believe us. You will not regret it. 

#1: Mountain Biking in the mountains of Nantahala National Forest

Does the idea of relieving the best cycling memories of childhood ever occur to you? When we are small, we often think of heading to the mountains and riding bicycles. Because, to be honest, riding a bicycle on a smooth road in a suburban area is just not fun enough. 

Nantahala National Forest
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So, if you are up for mountain biking your way into the nearby districts of Nantahala National Forest, there are in-built ranger pathways, loops, and Roads which take you on this over-the-top journey. 

To the reader’s surprise, there are over 21 pathways built in nearby districts only for mountain biking. If that’s not a dream come true for an adventurer, we don’t know what is!

For those who haven’t participated in Mountain Biking before, it is an adventurous sport where participants use a mountain bike to pass the rough terrains in the mountain till they reach the final destination. 

In Nantahala National Forest, you can seek professionals who provide equipment for this adventure on a rental basis. 

#2: Rock Climbing in the Mountain Range of Nantahala 

If you have an in-built fear of heights or you just get chills while standing on the top of a building, in both cases, you are in for a treat at Nantahala National Forest. Here, rock climbing is one of the best things to do. Believe it, if you don’t do it, you just waste your money going that far. This statement may seem far-fetching, but rock climbing in this Forest can give you a new perspective. When you reach the top-edge of the mountain and can literally witness the entire world residing down there, you may not want to leave. Literally!

Nantahala National Forest
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According to studies, it has been concluded that rock climbing is one of those rare adventurous activities that help to build the physical as well as mental strength of the participant. When you are near to reaching the top of the mountain after hours of climbing, you feel an adrenaline rush in your veins which is as pleasant as being Jeff Bezos in this world. 

In the context that you are concerned about safety, you can reach out to the professionals who mainly camp on the site looking for customers. Major rock climbing sites in Nantahala National Forest are

  • Panthertown Valley Backcountry Area,
  • Whiteside Mountains,
  • Little Lost Cove Cliffs, and more. 

#3: Enjoy the beauty of Nature

This may sound nothing in comparison to Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking activities. But, if you are in Nantahala National Forest for “Retreat” purposes, nothing is more effective than exploring the beauty of Nature. All over North Carolina, you can catch the most scenic view of the country from the top of Nanhatala’s Mountains. 

Nantahala National Forest
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If you take pleasure in viewing the mysterious lifestyle of wildlife, Blue Valley Dispersed Camping and Whiteside Mountain are best to explore. Additionally, Dry Falls, White Waterfalls, and Standing Indian Campground are most scenic and refreshing. 

Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? In 2017, a rumour considering BigFoot residing in Nantahala National Forest had reported by Investigators. So, if you are curious, you are embraced to investigate yourself. 

#4: Boating in Nanhatala’s Small Lakes

In this 21st century, do you want to experience how people used to boat in the earlier centuries? If yes, you must sign up for non-motorized boating in the lakes of Nantahala National Forest. To begin with, your first concern may be safety. However, don’t worry. Professional boaters accompany you on the ride for safety purposes. 

Nantahala National Forest
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Alongside, if you want to boost your athletic experience, motorized boating options are also available. Apart from boating, swimming also remains an option for tourists who want to take a dive in the water. And experience water life. Cheoah Point Recreation Area, Nantahala River Gorge, Balsam Lake and Picnic Area, and Avey Branch Boat Launch Areas are some top-notch and safe areas to begin your boating or swimming adventure in the Forest. 

#5: Dispersed Camping in Nantahala National Forest

Wondering what dispersed camping is? Well, Dispersed Camping is when you camp in the Forest that is not designated for camping by the authorities. Nantahala National Forest is famous for dispersed camping as it takes the campers back to thousands of years ago when there were no phone services.

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The most amazing part of Dispersed Camping is that you always remain curious. And curiosity is what completes your journey to the Nantahala National Forest. 

How to reach Nantahala National Forest? 

All the travellers must pre-plan the journey to the Forest on the lines “how to reach?” before

actually heading. Travellers can effortlessly travel to North Carolina from any corner of the country USA through Airways, Roadways or Railways. Based upon the convenience level, tourists can compare and pick the prior way to travel to Franklin District. More often than not, Airways is the most convenient. 

Nantahala National Forest
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Also, pre-reservation in the context of flight, train seats, and public service buses is considered as the crowd of tourists around the times of summer vacations are inevitable. In such a situation, it often becomes difficult for the tourist to find a desirable way to travel to NC. Pre-booking of seats for the location comes with a range of boons, including Early Bird discounts and comfortable seats along with extra baggage claim and so on. 

To reach Nantahala District, you can book a flight online. It is advised to use the airway as the mainstream method of transportation. Because you must not be tired when you reach there, otherwise, you will miss out on many beautiful views while sleeping in a cabin. 

Travel Guidelines

 Consider Nantahala National Forest Tour Packages

Nantahala National Forest Tour packages more often come with the effective cost of travelling and accommodation services. Alongside, the consideration of tour packages deducts the requirement of pre-planning of the trip in a range of aspects like travelling services, accommodation services, budget planning, and adventure planning. Tour packages are flexible on the basis of tourist’s affordability, length of stay and convenience level.

Carry a First-Aid Box

Non-avoidable health issues come with no invitation. When it comes to long journeys, weakness, body abnormalities, small health issues, and unfortunate small accidents are quite common to encounter. In such a situation, First-Aid could be a lifesaver. Add the first-aid essentials akin to antibiotics, Adhesive Tapes, Bandages, Finger split, Antiseptic wipes, sterile pads, blister treatment, Haemostatic gauze, Roller Gauze, Hand sanitiser, Glucose, Oral Rehydration salts, Antifungal foot powder, Safety Razor blades, Thermometer, Sunscreen, Water treatment chemicals and others.

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Body hydrating balance

Irrespective of the season, if one is travelling for an occasion akin to the Nantahala National Forest, maintaining one’s hydration level all the way through the expedition is vital. Dehydration can spoil your journey for all the other days because an inescapable amount of weakness flows into one’s body once it gets dried out. It is intricate to make progress from the effectual dehydration, especially for the duration of the long journeys.

Seasonal Visit: Get timely Pre-Reservation

Nantahala National Forest often progresses from October to March each year. The Forest is kept closed for the rest of the months. Hence, the crowd of tourists at the City of Franklin is invincible and therefore, it is advisable to get the reservation done beforehand. You never know. You can literally catch a break by acquiring discounts. 


For more information on Nantahala National Forest, bookmark us. We keep you updated whenever a big discount drops. Thank you. 


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