Raven Rock State Park: Five Things to do in this beautiful park in North Carolina

Raven Rock State Park
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Established in Harnett County of North Carolina in the 1900s, Raven Rock State Park is one of the most peaceful places where you can spend your vacation. People love this park for different forms of adventure. From camping to romantic cabins and diving in the refreshing nature, Raven Rock Park is somewhat the expression of beauty in this modern century. Whether you are here with family, friends, colleagues, or your better half, there’s always something special to do that will remain in your memories imprinted forever. So, why not visit here today? 

Raven Rock State Park
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We brought you a brief guide on things to do in Raven Rock State Park in Harnett County. But before we begin the countdown, let’s give you a glimpse of history related to it. Are you thrilled? If yes, then get your backpacks ready! This journey is going to be mind-blowing: 

Introduction to Raven Rock State Park

To begin with, Raven Rock State Park is an average-sized park spread over five thousand acres approximately. It is attached to the Cape Fear River and Piedmont region at different edges. Hence, without a doubt, it is the perfect place to capture some beautiful and mesmerizing sight scenes. 

According to the history of this park, it has been a significant location for the PHDs to learn about Geographical factors such as Rocks that are 400 million years old. Can you believe it? If not, while you are at the park, you can check out the texture of rocks at the foothill along the River Cape Fear. They will instantly feel different to you. 

Raven Rock State Park
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To the reader’s surprise, the name of the park, “Raven Rock”, was provided as people and researchers had discovered “Raven shaped” rocks in the mentioned park. After further studies, it was surmised that the park is quite old and, due to consistent water pressure coming from the lake, River, and fountain as well as the constant swirling wind, has transformed the land into a raven rock. 

This park was previously also prominent for hunting in the 18th century when Europeans when were invading the country in secret. Until the mid-1900s, Raven Rock was just a ruined park. However, in 1969, the recreation of the park began as a state park. And today, people with a craving for wildlife and adventure often visit this park. 

So, if you are one of those people with a thirst for wildlife, you must not miss the following best things to do in Raven Rock State Park. 

What are the Best Things to do in Raven Rock State Park?

For the most part, Raven Rock State Park is open to the public. Here, there are many adventurous things that you can do. Whether you are a calm introvert or thirsty for fun extroverts, this place is going to fix all your wildlife companions. Let’s find out what fits your interest at best: 

#1: Fishing in State Park Raven Rock

Here’s a fun fact to begin with, do you know? Sixty million people in the world go fishing occasionally. Believe it or not, but fishing acts as a calming adventure that benefits your mental and physical health in many ways. According to studies, those who go through immense stress use fishing as a relieving technique. Not only this but children who go fishing from an early age have a good sense of concentration. 

Raven Rock State Park
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In Raven Rock State Park, there is the Cape Fear River to fish. The banks of this river are so beautiful that you can sit and enjoy it for as long as you can. Since it is a perfectly secured park open to the public, no dangerous animals are there. Hence, you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

Yet, there are only small and average-sized fishes in the River. 

#2: Raven Rock State Park Hiking Activity

Have you ever hiked before? If not, then this is the finest time of the year to take part in Hiking at Raven Rock State Park. Especially if you are a beginner. There are many trails that lead the traveller from one terrain to another. But, if you are walking through them, it will take a lot of time. Hiking, on the other hand, is a beneficial option as it compensates for one’s health. 

For example, you can choose to hike via the Loop trail of Raven Rock Park, which leads you to the heart of the park. While passing this trail, you can enjoy the beauty of the hardwood forest, which rests like a busy child. 

Nantahala National Forest
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While you reach the heart of the park, you will notice a beautifully constructed stone balcony near the Cape Fear River and other pre-structure grounds and stairs where you can sit with your better half until you begin the next hike. 

Sounds calming, right? There are many trails to explore for hikers. Such as the East Loop called American Beech Trail, Bridle Trail, Campbell Creek Trail, and Cottonwood Trail. Believe me. You don’t want to bungle any of these!

#3: Family or Friends State Park Picnic

Do you know what’s more calming than fishing and adventurous than Hiking? Well! It’s the company of family and friends. That’s right! If you are having a good day, family occasion, or just a day out in nature with family or friends, you can take a picnic trip to Raven Rock State Park. Here, there are multiple sites, such as the stone balcony foothill of the River and 3-star cabins for travellers. You can sit and enjoy eating with your friends. 

Nantahala National Forest
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Please note that if you have planned picnic with your family or friends, it is recommendable to avoid carrying any alcoholic substance in the area. It is strictly forbidden. 

Apart from the above-mentioned toxic content, you are also suggested not to carry any type of edible drug in the area as it can be harmful and cause people to make poor choices under the possession of substances. Hence, it is for your own safety. 

#4: Horseback Riding

To the reader’s surprise, if you are a fan of the series where royal families Horseback ride amid the natural grounds. Then, you are in for a prime time at this NC State park. That’s right! Recently, Raven Rock State Park Cabins have the amenities and contacts to provide you with professional Horseback riding adventure services in the area. There are many safe loops and trails in the park that continue for seven miles and further. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

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However, it is crucial to note that amid the Raven Rock State Park, some properties has privately owned by cabin companies and independent landlords. Henceforth, we suggest you to steer clear of any property that has a warning board outside the area. It can be dangerous and create legal problems for you. 

#5: Paddling in the rivers and lakes of Raven Rock State Park

As smooth as a paddling boat in a river sounds, it can give you a refreshing perspective of life. Whether you are with your loved acquaintance or family or friends, paddling is an adventurous activity that you can all enjoy. Believe it or not, but this is my favourite way to explore any national park in North Carolina. The most amazing part of paddling is that you hear the sound of the paddled river water taking you ahead, chirping of birds, beautiful fishes in the River, and of course, the view of other visitors. It is very satisfying. 

Nantahala National Forest
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In Raven Rock State Park, you can begin your journey of boat paddling from Lanier Falls, which further takes you into the Deep River (56 miles and more). For safety purposes, no paddler can go in the boat in the absence of a safety jacket and information about the access point in the park. 

For the information and paddling equipment, we advise you to contact a professional in the area. Don’t worry! They are easily available. 

FAQs – Frequently asked questions – Answered for your reference.

#1: Are pets allowed in Raven Rock Park? 

The answer is Yes. Park authorities allow to take pet. However, only if your pet’s condition is eligible. For example, a pet must be at least 6 feet. If you are camping or dining in the park, you must ensure that your pet will not enter or go to any other tent as it may frighten other travellers. Alongside, pets are strictly forbidden to enter bathing areas and water bodies in the park because of hygienic reasons. 

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If you are accomodating a cabin, you cannot take your pet inside the building. 

#2: Can you carry weapons to the park? 

The answer is obviously NO. Any type of weapon, including handguns or fireworks, are not allowed to carry inside the park for safety purposes. Only guards in the area are permitted. 

#3: Is hunting allowed in the park? 

To begin with, the main reason why North Carolina government authorities have preserved Raven Rock State Park is to protect wildlife. Therefore, any type of abuse towards animals in the park has legally prohibited. You can face legal charges if any animal has hurt due to your misjudgement. 

It is also crucial to note that – any cruelty towards animals in the park can cost you. Ruling says – a $20, 000 fine and imprisonment. 


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Apart from the above-mentioned activities in the Raven Rock State Park. Visitors also take part in wildlife photography, rock climbing, hang gliding, Ferris, and Bicycling. To know more about NC State Parks, bookmark us.



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