People born with tails: Is it a miracle or a disability?

    people born with tails
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    All humans have been given the portion of equality from the supreme power. We have eyes, nose, lips, pairs of hands, and legs to get through days of life. However, miracles happen all the time in the world. Oftentimes, you may hear about the strangest newborns—for instance, babies born with hair. When you hear about it, you “aww” over it and let go. Can you let go of the fact that some people are born with tails in this world? That’s right! “Tail” is a body part that is commonly found in Animals. But, humans, it has never been like that up until now. 

    Unlike the ordinary population, scientists and medical experts do not take the subject of people born with tails lightly. According to many medical specialists and surgeons who researched the possibility of a baby being born with a tail and horns, this can prove that humans were nothing more than mammals in ancient times. Other intellectuals call it “caudal appendage,” or the case of human vestigiality. 

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    Today, we present a brief reading on everything you need to know about human vestigiality and the predictions related to it. The subject of the vestigial tail – miracle vs. disability is trending. Not only this, but it is rising a debate between civic and medical intellects. However, how long do we have to wait until the truth behind the people born with tails gets out? Let’s get started: 

    How many people born with tails by 2020? 

    To begin with, up until now, 40 people have been born with tails. Some of these cases involved riskful surgeries for the removal of the true human tail. In other cases, they resulted in permanent disability or abnormality. 

    What is the term for people born with tails – Caudal Appendage? 

    Caudal Appendage is the term used for babies born with a tail 2020. According to a study at the University of Chicago, it is considered a congenital disability where a newborn has a non-boned 2cm long tail. Not only this, but the newborn also showed signs of limb disability in the left arm. It is a real-time case of the true human tail. 

    Why are people born with tails? – Causes of Vestigial Tail

    To begin with, the term “vestigial tail” refers to the true human tail, which serves no purpose. In simple words, it is comparable to the appendix in the human body, which neither does any benefit, nor does it do any disadvantage if it is surgically removed. Other examples of vestigial body parts are wisdom teeth and body hair (partly because body hair keeps the body warm and adjusts its temperature). 

    people born with tails
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    More often than not, the question “why are people born with tails?” arises. Is it because of an odd combination of genes? Or, is human breeding reverse-evolving? Well! Medical experts have found out the causes of the vestigial tail, and these causes are quite satisfying and reasonable. 

    Umbilical cord Vs. vestigial tail

    For the most part, at the time of birth, every newborn has an umbilical cord that attaches him/her to the mother. After a few minutes/seconds of birth, surgeons cut this cord. A very small part of the cord remains with the baby. It is usually attached to his/her navel. When time passes, within 6 months – 12 months, this vestigial tail disappears. Yet, there are some rare cases where the tail does not go away. It is not harmful and surgically removable. When people talk about the true human tail, they consider the umbilical cord to be the tail. However, it’s not. 

    Everyone has a vestigial tail

    According to keen studies on embryos, medical experts have concluded that each embryo has a tail-like structure in the early months of pregnancy. Around the fifth or sixth week of gestary, the vestigial tail develops and is easily visible through ultrasound. This tail grows through a triangular bone structure situated at the lowest part of the spine. 

    But, only after 2 weeks of full fetal development, the tail disappears. Or, in other words, the developing body absorbs it. However, in very rare cases, for some reason, the vestigial tail does not get absorbed. The primary cause of the true human tail has not been discovered yet. The triangular tailbone is known as the coccyx. 

    Top cases of People born with tails – show the signs of different abnormalities

    Congenital Pseudo Tail

    Congenital Pseudo Tail is a term. It generally uses for describing true human tails, which grow and develop at the end of the spine but above the buttock area. In rare cases of the pseudo tail in humans, medical intellects declared the cause to be: Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a type of development abnormality where a baby’s spine does not develop properly. Hence, leaving a person with an uncommon body structure. In several cases of spina bifida, a child is born with a large-sized knot at the bottom of the spine. In other cases, a child’s spine is not straight; hence, he/she finds difficulty while performing simple actions such as sitting, walking, running, and even sleeping. 

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    Now, Spina Bifida has also described as one of the major causes of the development of congenital pseudo tails. It is a chronic condition and is not fully treatable. Spina Bifida happens when a baby develops genetically, nutritionally, and environmentally challenged during the pregnancy period. 

    Dorsal cutaneous appendage

    The dorsal cutaneous appendage is another medical term used for true human tail or people born with tails. It often caused by occult dysraphism. This condition happens because of incomplete fusion of the spine to the human structure. According to the dorsal cutaneous appendage case, a 9-month-old newborn portrayed the signs of having a true human tail. However, it wasn’t miraculous. Instead, the child was suffering from multiple disabilities in the spine. In the given case, the tail was only 2 cm long at the time of birth. However, within the period of 9 months, the tail had developed to be 5 cm long. The case clearly mentioned no pregnancy barriers, such as the usefulness of the drug, history of congenital disabilities, or radiation exposure. 

    The pre-surgery medical examinations cleared some things. They found out that the major reason for dorsal cutaneous appendage is ‘split cord malformations.’ Meaning, the child had born with a split or duplicate spinal cord. Split cord malformation happens due to abnormal closure of the primitive neurenteric canal. 

    Is this condition treatable?

    Since the track of medical advancement has boosted. Medical experts claim to treat true human tails or people born with tails through surgical removal. The studies show that human tails do not consist of a vertebral structure. Thus, they do not have any medically strong attachment to the body, unlike animals. Hence, these are easily removable through surgery without impacting one’s ability to live a normal life. 

    In the past few decades, only a single case of the human tail with vertebral structure has encountered. It was a case of a one-day-old male born in Kerala, India. Even with a vertebral structure support, the human tail has not been impacting the child’s ability to function normally in any way. He was 100% healthy. As per the true pictures of the case, the true human tail was approx 6.5 cm long. 

    But, when medical experts physically touched the human tail of a one-year-old, he cried. Meaning, the human tail was functional. The baby also felt a sense of pain when doctors pin-pricked the tail. This case was luckily treatable through an elliptical incision. The child’s inner body structure showed no evidence of further spine disability or limb abnormalities. 

    Hence, we can say that people born with tails are treatable. They can further live a normal and happy life with a fully functioning physical body and mental health

    Possible impacts of True human Tail, and how did they become extinct? 

    Have you ever heard of a body part that has gone extinct? If no! Think about true human tails. Till today, very rare people are born with tails. Up until now, 40 cases of caudal appendage have reported. Thus, it will not be inaccurate to say that our ancestors had tails. Apart from this, it also becomes an undeniable fact that humans and mammals had a long-lasting breeding connection in the early centuries. Yes! We are talking about intercourse between humans and mammals. Without a doubt, it is an authentic possibility. 

    people born with disabilities
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    In school, we have learned how humans were monkeys. And, they later evolved with time. Evolution caused humans to lose hair on the skin, have a more subtle face structure, and a straight human body structure. But, till today, those who are born with tails face defects. These defects include the unappealing lumbar region and peculiar spinal cord. In some cases, the child’s body stops growing any further, leaving him/her with a dwarf-like structure. They also sometimes go through locomotor disabilities. 


    People born with tails are no miracle. Medical experts say that the reason behind the birth of babies with tails is unknown. It can be an odd combination of genes. However, experimenting in such cases can be very risky. Therefore, in some cases, rather than reporting to hospitals, parents prefer hiding their child’s condition. Until or unless, the tail’s size increases with age. But, is it fair enough? 


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