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ExtraTorrents Proxy has remained prominent for its diversifying user-interface and HD quality content. From downloading real-time 4K quality movies and television series to unusual mobile applications and paid games – ExtraTorrents Proxy is the best. However, many users complain that these proxies only work for a limited time when it comes to torrent proxies list. Later, the users get blocked. And then, they require technical experts and other methods to get unblocked and start streaming freely again. 

Today in this reading, we introduce you to ExtraTorrents Proxy and how to use VPN to unblock ExtraTorrents Mirror Sites? Here, you will also learn about a few ExtraTorrents Proxy alternatives that you can try in 2021. These alternative mirror sites support online streaming, content download, and ease of accessibility. Hence, without any further ado, let’s begin: 

What is ExtraTorrents Proxy? 

First, ExtraTorrents Proxy is a term used for the websites that are mirrored or a duplicate copy of ExtraTorrent. For the most part, Torrent has been a vast industry and quite acknowledged for downloading content (movies, tv shows, applications, programs, games, videos) illegally. Torrent is neither a dark side of the internet, nor it is a bright one. The major purpose of Torrent sites is to offer premium content for free. In return, the torrent website owners get to earn in bulk through millions of clicks, views, and downloads on the content in a day. But, for torrent sites, the major sources of revenue are donations and advertisements. 

Image credit: ExtraTorrent.unblocked

ExtraTorrent was one of the most prominent websites on Torrent. However, after 10 years of success, the website was taken down permanently by the owner/administrator without any stated reasons. It is noteworthy to mention that ExtraTorrent was the 5th top peer-to-peer file-sharing program on the BitTorrent protocol. Even today, fans of ExtraTorrent search for ExtraTorrents Proxy to wallow in the deep world of content. 

Note: Downloading and sharing premium or paid content is illegal. It is a part of cyber fraud. Our website and administrators do not support it in any way. Please visit the following mirror sites and ExtraTorrents imitations and alternatives at your own risk. 

List of ExtraTorrents Proxy: Which definitely work!

ExtraTorrents CD 

ExtraTorrents CD is one of the high-speed torrent sites available. To visit, click on https://extratorrents.cd. According to ExtraTorrents CD’s team, the site has been going underground due to the alarming visitors. It had introduced in 2006 and received over 2 lac visitors every day. 

ExtraTorrents CC.com

Now browse Torrent for free only at ExtraTorrents CC.com, one of the fastest running mirror sites available in 2021. It allows you to search, stream, and download content by categories. You can also go through an unending list of documentaries, movies, and TV series for a complete drama package this weekend. Action Torrent section at https://extratorrents-cc.com/ is recommendable as it contains thrilling action movies and much more. 

Apart from the above mentioned ExtraTorrents Proxy, you can also try out the following list of clone sites to start online streaming and downloading: 

What to do when ExtraTorrents Proxy is blocked? 

In the event that you cannot load an ExtraTorrents proxy or encounter a completely blank screen, it means that the administrator blocks you. In several cases, it is possible that your browser extension is not allowing you to load the clone copy of ExtraTorrent. Thus, here are the three best methods to unblocking ExtraTorrents proxy 2021: 

How to unblock ExtraTorrent proxy by using VPN – Virtual Private Network? 

To begin with, VPN(s) are the best resources to resolve all your technical issues when a website is not working. The reason being, when a website does not load properly, there are chances that the administrator blocks you. A website automatically blocks your IP address. Hence, you cannot visit the site. But, Virtual private networks are the perfect example of a reverse technique. It means that when you use a virtual private network on your system, it’s IP address remains hidden from the website administrators. Therefore, the administrator couldn’t view your IP address or any additional detail. Hence, he will not be able to track your presence or activities. 


To unblock ExtraTorrents proxy 2021 by using VPN – all you need is to download a VPN that is consonant with your operating system. As you activate the VPN, re-visit the ExtraTorrent clone site. You will now be able to see content on the site. However, if you still cannot visit it or get it loaded entirely – it is possible that the respective duplicate/proxy has been underground. 

How to unblock ExtraTorrent proxy by using Proxy Server? 

Presuming that you cannot purchase a VPN on your current budget, here’s another way to unblock ExtraTorrent mirror sites. To begin with, you can unblock a proxy by using a proxy server. A proxy server is a term used when a user changes its IP Address and replaces it with another IP Address (which is not blocked by the administrator). Here is a brief guide on how to change the IP Address setting in Windows:

  • Press the Windows key to roll the Start Menu. 
  • Go to the Control Panel option.
  • Tap on the “Network and Sharing Center.”
  • Furthermore, select the “Change adapter settings.”
  • Then, tap on the Wi-Fi connection or Local Area connection.
  • Now, tap on the “Properties” option.
  • At last, click on the Internet Protocol Version 4. 
  • Go to the properties again.
  • Click on the “Use the following IP address.”
  • Enter the New IP Address 
  • Simultaneously, also enter – Subnet mask, Default gateway, and DNS server.
  • Click on the “OK” button. 
  • Re-visit the ExtraTorrents proxy website 2021 version

Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy by changing the URL address

After applying the above-mentioned two methods to unblock ExtraTorrents Proxy – here is the last choice. This method rarely works. However, it allows you to operate download activities on the ExtraTorrents mirror site without any interruption. We recommend you to change HTTPS to HTTP in the URL address. For example, change “https://extra.to/” to “http://extra.to/.”

Best ExtraTorrents Proxy Alternative 2021 to try now!

Torrent fanatics often use ExtraTorrents Proxies to download and stream movies and television series online. However, what to do if ExtraTorrents proxy does not work? Well! The answer is very simple – try out the latest alternative proxy sites to download music, videos, tv series, games, and movies. The following best extratorrents proxies are easy-to-use and consist of lesser risk as compared to clone or mirror sites. So, are you ready to explore some brand-new and genuine optional sites? Let’s begin: 


If you are wondering which website is most famous on the Torrent? Well! It is the Pirate Bay. For the most part, it is vastly known for downloading software-based content such as premium mobile applications and games. However, fresh proxy users can also use the Pirate Bay to download premium Netflix shows for free and stream offline. From 2003 to current, The Pirate Bay is a uniquely formed website supporting user search through keywords or keyphrases. 

Image credit: Pirateproxy.cloud

Likewise, the ExtraTorrent, The Pirate Bay on Torrent, had also been blocked in 2016. Therefore, we recommend you to research the pirate bay org’s proxy version or mirror version for the best results. 

Try out the following links:

  • Openpirate.org
  • Openpirate. cc
  • unblock pirate. UK

Apart from this, it is highly advised to use a virtual private network in order to keep your IP address safe from administrators. VPN will hide your IP address and protect your system from cybernetics in your locale. 

Kickass Torrent or KAT

Another torrent website that reminds me of ExtraTorrent, the original and top-notch BitTorrent peer-2-peer file sharing platform, is Kickass Torrent. It is shortly known as KAT among the torrent fanatics. To the reader’s surprise, Kickass Torrent allows its users to create and build magnet links and share them effectively. However, due to a copyright infringement lawsuit against the website owner, it was banned. Therefore, in order to operate a kickass torrent, you will need a proxy or mirror KAT site. 

KickassTorrent now unblocked
Image credit: KickassTorrents

Try out the following links to open KAT duplicate copy or clone site: 

  • Katcr. to
  • Kat. li
  • kat. lat

Check out other top-notch KickAss Torrent unblocked versions here: https://ww3.kickass.how


So, are you ready to stream a series of movies online and download gaming applications for your latest PS5? Get ready to explore multiple ExtraTorrents Proxy online and pick out the best one that works for you! Before you go ahead, it is significant to note that ExtraTorrents Proxy illegally offers downloadable content. Therefore, we do not support it in any manner. While using ExtraTorrent proxies, users must use a VPN in order to protect their system against external cyber threats. 

Note: We do not hold any charge for any harmful consequences due to ExtraTorrents Proxy’s utilization. Could you read our terms and conditions for more? 


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